Phuket Weddings

Phuket is a beautiful island with natural and raw beauty that’s perfect for a dreamy wedding. A countless number of resorts, villas, and wedding venues are specially designed to cater to couples looking for a non-traditional setting to celebrate their union, offering extraordinary ambiance to commemorate such an eventful day.

Weddings in Phuket need no introduction when it comes to how romantic and intimate the venues can be. From beautiful clifftop villas that offer exclusivity and majestic views, to intimate garden setups that create impressive backdrops for the wedding ceremony, there are not enough words to explain just how beautiful a Phuket wedding can be.

Our Phuket wedding portfolio is a mix of elegance, minimalism, grandeur, and extravagance. Whether the setting, decor, and overall style deliver one or either style, it is no surprise that these weddings are simply the stuff that dream weddings are made of.

Take your pick from the most casual of weddings to the grandest affairs with elaborate fireworks displays, or the most intimate celebrations that create unforgettable memories: these Phuket weddings are sure to inspire couples looking for non-traditional means to celebrate this most beautiful day of their lives.


Taking advantage of the beautiful setting, Nadear and Andres’ wedding creates a heavenly ambiance. With super elegant decor, the ceremony arch and aisle feature an arrangement of roses in different shades of pink. With a touch of traditional Thai wedding rituals, the unique mix of cultural and contemporary appeal of the couple’s ceremony created a solemn take to a modern celebration of love. Truly one of our most magical Phuket weddings.


Phuket weddings always present a chance to incorporate dreamy motifs with a beautiful tropical setting. Incorporating a strict all-white flower setting on all decor details, splashes of gold are elegantly injected into the table settings. This white and gold subtlety is also seen on the bridal party’s dresses, where the bride in white is planked by her maid of honor and bridesmaids in different shades of gold.


White is predominantly used all throughout the venue, with subtle flower arrangements in cream and blush that create a unique touch of sweetness to this special day. The use of navy blue on the entourage’s gowns and suits create a sophisticated palette that brings elegance to this understated wedding.


Bo and Nat did while grand and beach wedding mix in the most seamless of ways. Bo is impeccably dressed in a perfectly fitted suit, while Nat’s beautiful 2-way gown definitely stole the show. Prenuptial photos are sweetly framed for guests to see, while a lush arrangement of roses created an ethereal vibe to this incredible Phuket beach wedding.


Hillside locations are a popular choice when it comes to Phuket weddings for a good reason. They offer unforgettable scenic views for such memorable occasions. A traditional wedding with a picture-perfect panorama, Maria and Phillip’s special day is nothing short of spectacular. While the dresses and suits are your definition of understated, the fireworks display and unique mix of Thai and contemporary setting makes for a most impressive celebration of this beautiful union.