Krabi Weddings

Krabi is fast becoming a popular destination for many couples who wish to turn their dreamy beach wedding a reality. Located on the west coast of southern Thailand, it faces the Andaman Sea and offers spectacular backdrops for any beach wedding. Compared to Phuket and Koh Samui, Krabi still maintains its old town charm with its tranquil and highly preserved beaches and lush tropical jungles.

For couples who wish to commemorate their special day in a less touristy destination compared to other islands, then Krabi offers equally stunning beaches, 5-star resorts, and private luxury villas that create the perfect venues for Krabi weddings of any size.

Our Krabi wedding portfolio consists of laid back, low-key beach weddings that take advantage of the serene locations for intimate celebrations with close loved ones. With your dream wedding brought to life, get to enjoy your special day amidst dramatic limestone cliffs, soft golden sand, and the most beautiful emerald green waters you’ve ever seen.


Tranquil and highly preserved, Krabi is a real treasure for travellers with innumerable natural wonders and attractions. This region teems with a grand scope of natural sceneries from noisy waterfalls to emerald lakes, and of course not-to-be-missed cliffs and jungles. Numerous islets and beaches offer the best ground for a remarkable wedding ceremony.

Krabi attracts weddings professionals from all over the worlds thanks to its unique natural appeal. Inspirational projects from world-famous photographers have recently brought a special attention to this beautiful place and all the preserved natural treasures it offers.

Krabi is a perfect fit if you are looking for romantic, nature-inspired wedding in a serene location. Tucked away from hustle and bustle of touristy areas, top 5-star resorts are awaiting for you to discover their unique beauty.

Some of the world’s most famous beaches, including renowned Railey and Ao Phra Nang beaches, tucked away in a gorgeous natural lagoon, and Phulae Bay featured in The Hangover 2 movie, are in Krabi, and make an absolutely gorgeous backdrops for wedding celebrations.

Flying to Krabi is also easy, with two major airports: Krabi airport and Phuket international airport in close proximity.