Hua Hin Weddings

Hua Hin weddings have been a top choice for many Thai couples who wish to tie the knot in a seaside town that perfectly blends contemporary and old-town aesthetics. Only 3 hours away from the Thai capital of Bangkok, it boasts of beautiful seaside scenery while also providing the modern comforts of a cosmopolitan city.

With this perfect blend of city and seaside vibe, Hua Hin is home to a myriad of wedding venues, ranging from indoor to outdoor escapades that offer both intimate and lavish settings for any kind of wedding. Luxury resorts abound with east coast ocean views, while grand majestic hotels located in the uptown area are perfect for grand extravagant displays. 

The favored holiday spot of the Thai royal family, it’s comes as no surprise that the rich and wealthy choose Hua Hin as the location for grand weddings of a lifetime. Our Hua Hin wedding portfolio showcases sophisticated and elegant unions that make use of either stunning contemporary architecture that abounds or colonial-style private residences as the perfect wedding venue.


Hua-Hin is a spectacular seaside town near Bangkok, within just a 3 hour easy drive reach. Particularly popular with Bangkok citizens, as a quick getaway from a busy city life, Hua Hin serves as a great wedding venue as well, with numerous options for luxurious accommodation.

Hua Hin Beach may not be as pristine as the ones in the South of Thailand, but it still serves as a good space for wedding ceremonies, with soft natural light, as it faces east. The city also has beautiful history closely related to the Royal family of Thailand, making it charming and meaningful to explore.

It also offers traditional local shopping, beach activities, water sports, golf courses, horse riding — a wide range of holiday entertainment and activities for your guests and yourself to choose from. Hua Hin Market is a perfect place to explore in the evening, where you will find lots of local art, handmade crafts and just generally have a great time, exploring local street food. There is a water park very close to the city, which makes it a fun day out with your guests after the wedding.

For shopping lovers, there’s plenty of amazing malls and themed shopping villages to explore.

Due to its proximity to the Thai capital, Hua Hin easily becomes a great option for a beach destination wedding. Charming old-world feel that the city creates, combined with its perfect seaside location make sure that your wedding in Hua Hin will be truly unique and definitely not easily forgettable.