Groom Styling Ideas

Wedding Fashion
With the main focus on the bride, it’s often so easy to overlook the groom’s fashion. However, thinking of it as a standard, or simply throwing together an evening attire is probably a wrong attitude — after all, it’s his special day too. Options for groom’s outfit are in fact endless and depending on your...

Best Wedding Trends To Look For in 2016

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Whether you are a wedding planner, a wedding photographer, a wedding stylists, or someone who plays a part in the wedding industry, or even those aspiring to get married, note that 2016 is a promising year full of freshness, vibrancy, and fun! So, to guide you in your wedding planning journey, we prepared some straight...

A Showcase of Asia’s Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses

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Although the white wedding dress is a prominent feature of many weddings, these white wedding gowns did not exist. Well, at least not until the year 1840, when Queen Victoria during her marriage to Prince Albert broke the tradition of wearing fashionable colors like red and opted for white. From then on, many brides across...

How To Stand Out In The Wedding Photography World

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Competition in the wedding photography industry has become emergent nowadays. Whether you are a professional wedding photographer who has been through courses and experiences or a new entrant who is creatively able to incorporate the latest imaging technology, have both equal chances to succeed in the wedding industry business. So to be successful in your...