Bangkok Weddings

Bangkok is Thailand’s exciting capital. With all the glitz and glamour of Bangkok weddings, it’s no surprise many couples the world over choose this city to commemorate their special union. With countless venues to choose from, you won’t run out of the best 5-star hotels to create special memories of a Bangkok wedding with the people you love the most.

From beautiful rooftop venues with epic views of the Bangkok skyline to boutique hotels right on the Chao Phraya riverbanks to lavish fairy-tale ballroom, brides and grooms will have an endless list of possibilities for their Bangkok dream wedding. And if the perfect venue isn’t enough, Bangkok offers a world of amazing experiences that couples and their guests will absolutely enjoy – from night markets to Buddhist temples to all the delicious food found in every corner, your Bangkok wedding is sure to be an entire experience on its own.

Our Bangkok wedding portfolio takes you to different spots in the city, favored by modern couples who love the city’s urban and lively vibe, as well as the long-established traditions that make Bangkok truly captivating.


If big city lights excite you more than any white sand beaches, Bangkok is a perfect place for your wedding! Modern, exciting, fun, culture-rich, sophisticated, but down=to-earth, — this city is so versatile, it keeps surprising even those who have long been calling it home.

When it comes to weddings, the first appeal is, of course, an extensive choice of unique venues: glamorous rooftops, providing an ultimate urban experience, with expansive views of the river, historical points and striking skyline, luxury hotels with garden oases awaiting to host social soirees, modern lofts with clean lines, and so many more…</p?

A stage for an array of talented chefs and mixologists from all over the world, Bangkok will amaze your tastebuds with delicious dinners and cocktails to celebrate your big day. Parties like you’ve never seen before, service so good, you’ll want to stay forever, — all of that awaits you in Bangkok.
With sincere and absolute love for Bangkok, The Wedding Bliss Thailand is always ready to show you into its secret, and showcase the best it can possibly offer for the wedding of your dreams.