The “Rosé Renaissance” with Whispering Angel

There are wine brands, and then there’s the Whispering Angel – an iconic name in the world of rosé, a coveted tipple at any beach party. Sacha Lichine asked us to plan a rosé-filled soirée in Thailand, celebrating the exciting range of their Provence-made wines. And we were more than honored to oblige their exciting request.

While weddings and brand events are quite different in their essence, they still share a few similarities. Just like a good wedding reflects a couple’s story and personalities, a well-put-together brand event must distill the brand identity. And so we set about translating the Whispering Angel brand into a physical form.

We opted for The Pink Party theme to stay true to the company’s strong DNA. The choice of color palette paid tribute to the brand’s signature look, and eminent French rose gardens. The color palette served as a uniting element, from the digital invitations to the photo backdrops on the day.

The choice of a venue was not a coincidence either, especially in a warm tropical country like Thailand. Whispering Angel’s rosé is synonymous with a glamorous beach party. Naturally, we were excited to create an ultimate beach soirée hosted in one of Phuket’s most loved beach clubs, Catch.

Fragrant roses were mixed with orchids, creating a sense of harmony between the brand’s Provençal background and Thai tropical bounty. Having these elements that bring a sense of the place and the chosen location is essential, as they ensure a balanced and organic look regardless of decoration scale.

A lush flower walkway leads the guests into the venue, where they can immerse themselves in the Whispering Angel world through various display pieces.

The centerpiece of the evening was, of course, the Pink Bar. Generously decorated with the chosen florals, the Pink Bar allowed guests to taste a range of Whispering Angel wines, including impressive magnum samples.

In the digital world that we live in, it’s essential to ensure that there’s a perfect photo opportunity for the guests to capture the mood of the party. Combining this with practicality, we created an ice bath filled with flowers, serving as a giant chilling container and display for multiple bottles, as a fantastic photo opportunity. This corner of the brand event quickly became everyone’s favorite.

Lastly, our acrylic bench, encompassing roses, fairy lights, and coveted rosé bottles showcase luxury and elegance – just like the wines themselves. All decor elements worked perfectly together to create an immersive atmosphere both for dedicated followers of the brand and those who came to discover Whispering Angel for the first time that night.

At the end of the night, we brought great glamour and the renaissance glow to Phuket. Seeing our clients and guests enjoy their time together is the best reward!

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