Our Picks for the Top Wedding Trends to Look Out For in 2023

We’re diving head-on into the full-swing wedding season here in Thailand, with beautiful hot months coming in very soon. And while we’re still in 2022, the dynamics in wedding designs are developing faster and more original than ever before, so we thought that it’s a good time to discuss trends for the soon upcoming year 2023. Destination weddings are back, and so are big design moments, and we’re more excited than ever!


Macro weddings with big design

If anyone ever tells you “it’s too much”, know that when it comes to weddings, they are wrong. The volume is now set to maximum, and we’re loving this trend! After a couple of years of being forced to scale down and shorten guest lists, couples are now very excited to be able to implement all their wildest dreams to life.

What does it mean for design? We’ll be seeing over-the-top flower installations, custom-created structures, exclusive furniture and hand-build ceramics, art-infused details and much more.

Photo: The Lane (Giulia Andrea Wedding Benjamin Wheeler)


Intimate weddings with great aesthetics

Intimate weddings (as well as elopements — ceremonies just for two) have always been on the scene, but the upcoming season will see them taken to a whole new level. Where previously intimate weddings were treated quite minimally and designed primarily with function or romantic restraint in mind, they are now coming into full power. We are going to see more lush ceremony set-ups and elaborately decorated dinner tables, regardless of the number of guests. Even if it’s just the newlyweds sharing these memories together, couples are now willing to spend more on creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Photo: The Lane (Roos Jooren Photography)


Colourful palettes

For a long time wedding industry was focused on pastels and classic romanticism, with bold colour combinations taking second place year after year. And then something shifted. With fashion designers such as Jaquemus releasing their colour pop collections, people quickly picked up on the trend and translated it into all areas of life, wedding design being no exception.

This can be applied to many areas. Candyshop-like floral design choices can create whimsical, abundant settings. Bold choices for patterned table linen will add an extra layer of complexity and fun. Maybe you will opt for colourful bridal party outfits to support the theme too?


Inspired by nature

The trend that started a few years ago and is certainly here to stay: nature-inspired floristics. Gone are the days of round-shaped centrepieces and manicured ceremony backdrops. It’s all about making it look like the design belongs to the place it’s made for.

Free-form arrangements are prevalent both for large-scale designs such as ceremony altars and tabletops. We also see an increased use of foraged elements, whether it is local greenery or wild flowers (more on that later). Using existing structures and flora from your wedding venue, rather than trying to build something completely new, also contributes to a more organic, natural look.

Photos: The Lane


Baby, it’s a wild world

Photo: Aesme Studio

As the popularity of foraging and wild flower picking is steadily increasing, these elements find their well-deserved place in wedding design. As a continuation of this trend, we are seeing more and more grass elements coming through in the designs, which can contribute to the overall organic look, as well as a more sustainable solution to design. Go beyond the most obvious and already beaten path of pampas grass and think wider. Garden-grown flowers, moss, foraged branches, and so on.


Interesting layouts and alternative seating

When thinking about ceremony seating arrangements, it’s no wonder most of us imagine front-looking rows of neatly arranged chairs looking straight upfront to the altar. However, this is certainly not the only way to approach the task. Circular and semi-circular patterns, elongated walkway with chairs facing sideways, or even multi-staged ceremonies (particularly for weddings with large number of guests), are all hot on the scene now.

On top of that, we’ll be seeing experiments with alternative seating. Poufs, benches, sofas, seating cubes… you name it!

Photo: Rachel Whiteread (Left), Caroline Tran (Right)


Devil in details

We will never get tired to repeat this over and over again: details matter! Nothing is too small to think about, even the tiniest thing can help create and elevate the mood. Maybe you opt for sweet guest favours that reflect that favourite cake of yours that you had on your first date. Maybe the playlist is carefully curated to tell the story of your relationship. You can choose to greet your guests with a thoughtful welcome package on arrival: maybe a beauty mist, a custom-made hand fan and a cute little bottle of fizz? Let’s get this party started in the right way!

Photos: Kate Headly (Left), Etsy (Top Right), Marigold Grey (Lower Right)


Lush tabletops

You and your guests will spend most of your time at the reception tables; way more than at your ceremony locations or strolling around the venue. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to focus your design attention on this important area. And fittingly, the trend is now leaning strongly towards lush, big impact tabletop setups. Focus on floral centrepieces or go heavy on candles (or both?), experiment with patterned linens (especially tablecloth, which is a BIG thing now, and we mean it), choose interestingly shaped vases or glassware. The only limit here is your imagination!

Photo: Aurelia d’amore, Planner: Feathered Arrow Events


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