Cassandra & Jeffree: Love in Full Bloom

Destination weddings always feel extra special, both for couples and their guests. The thrill of getting to a new or dearly loved place, spending days lounging in the sun, and exploring a different culture — all with people you deeply care about.

More and more couples choose to make this experience extra special, and opt for multi-day celebrations. We are always excited when we get to plan not one, but several events for our clients, and we are excited to share one of such special projects with you today.

LA residents Cassandra and Jeffree are passionate travellers, so when it came to the choice of their wedding, they knew it has to be a gorgeous destination gathering. With their hearts set on a wedding in Koh Samui in an ocean location with gorgeous views, they fell in love with Conrad Hotel. Chic yet relaxed, Conrad perfectly aligned with their personalities.

With all their family and friends travelling from afar, Cassandra and Jeffree wanted to give them an experience of a lifetime, so naturally opted for a multiple-day event. 


Day 1: Welcome party

To kick off their celebrations, the couple decided to gather all their guests for a welcome party. Looking for a chilled and fun atmosphere, we chose to host this evening at a private beach club located within the grounds of Conrad Koh Samui. Particularly because it was the first night in Thailand, it felt only right to focus on island-inspired décor.

The bohemian and minimalistic vibe of the venue served as a perfect canvas for the theme. Pampas grass arrangements lined the path to the venue, where upon entrance, all guests were greeted with a welcome drink, — fresh coconuts with Cassandra and Jeffree personal branded stamps.

Day 2: Rehearsal Dinner

For the second day of celebrations, the couple and their guests gathered for a night of elegant Japanese food at a renowned Jahn Restaurant. Offering glorious sunset views over the Gulf of Thailand, the restaurant is designed in a modern minimalistic style, and we opted for elegant Snow & Pearl theme for this night décor.

Golden light streaming through clean geometric lines of windows played a nice contrast to the rounded shapes of flower arrangements. The glamourous and classy setting was perfectly accentuated with the couple’s chosen looks: Cassandra wearing a fitted old-Hollywood style embellished dress and a sleek hairstyle, while Jeffree opted for a classic black tux.

Day 3: Wedding Day

The third and most important day of celebrations had to be the most outstanding. Flowers are of extreme importance to both Cassandra and Jeffree, not only in their aesthetic sense, but also bear a sentimental value. Jeffree proposed to Cassandra in a garden filled with aromatic blooming roses, and this image forever signifies their love story for them. Our design was reflective of that importance and took the couple’s floral dreams to another level.

The ceremony took place at Conrad’s infinity pool. To create a sense of lightness and modernity, all structures, including the arch itself, as well as the stage constructed over the pool, were clear acrylic. Making use of bride’s favourite colours of white, pink and muted green, our florists created a dreamy chuppah, with a cloud of roses and phalaenopsis orchids floating above a transparent base. Aisle lined with flowers in the same colour theme made for a truly magical entrance for Cassandra.

With views of limitless blue sea, our couple and their guests continued the day at the infinity pool area. We kept everyone hydrated with fresh coconut juice, while the guests entertained themselves taking multitude of fun polaroid photos.  

As sun was setting behind the sea, it was time to move to the reception dinner. Set at Upper beach at Conrad, the setting was one to surely take the breath away. Continuing the strong floral focus that we started previously, this setting was the epitome of blooming luxury. A spacious transparent marquee structure was custom built for the occasion, yet it was easy to mistake it for a permanent luxurious greenhouse. Millions of blossoms wherever you look: strings of flowers hanging from the ceiling, a surreal dancefloor fitted in the middle with transparent sections filled with flowers, and a combination of high and low centrepieces on the tables, — all these elements came together to create a truly unforgettable scene. The backdrop for the head table was fittingly impressive: flower-covered wall with a personalised neon sign.

And if you thought that the wedding décor was the only impressive bit of the evening, you’re far from right. Once the dinner was coming to close, and before everyone joined the dancefloor, the guests were impressed with a famous fire spinning show and a spectacular fireworks display. 

Day 4: Recovery Brunch

After a trio nights of amazing partying, a recovery day by the pool is an obligatory thing. This buffer time between a dreamy holiday to remember and going back to the real world needs to be thought through and provide a super level of comfort and relaxation.

We gathered our couple and their guests for a day pool party. Filled with great food, delicious drinks and groovy beats from DJ Shane. Conrad showed the ultimate Thai hospitality, not only by taking care of their guests, but also providing exceptional décor for that day.


If you are planning a destination wedding, it is definitely worth considering including multiple-day events, to keep your guests entertained and impressed. Whether it is a post-wedding pool party, or pre-wedding welcome dinner, the destination wedding planners of The Wedding Bliss Thailand will be happy to help you plan and create the most unforgettable wedding of your dreams. 

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