Magical Dream in the North: Sasi & Suchote Chiang Mai Wedding

The wonderful thing about weddings is that they bring magic into daily lives. Especially in 2020, it’s safe to say we all crave this kind of magic, the settings that make our hearts jump and stories that look like a scene from a fairy tale.

For Sasi & Suchote, it was important to have their wedding day filled with beauty and meaning. Choosing a charming area of Chiang Mai, filled with history and lush flora, the couple wanted to incorporate the best of the natural world and architectured modernity.

Setting on a task to blend the two equally powerful concepts, our creative team at The Wedding Bliss came up with two very different and very stunning designs, that kept wowing the couple and their guests throughout the day.

For the ceremony that was set with a background of spacious rice fields and palm trees, we pulled the inspiration directly from nature. The ever-trendy palette of white and green created a subtle and organic look. Geometry helped us achieve the desired modern look: a long straight walkway lined with clouds of baby breath, and a statement squared ceremony arch worked in a contrast with free-form palm trees in the background. To add a little playfulness and interest into the setting, we combined two types of chairs — Dior and Rattan. The result is a stunningly modern yet natural look, that keeps you looking out for interesting details as you come through the setting.

As the day was succeeded by warm tropical night, it was time for the couple and their guests to move to the dining area, where they were stunned by a truly magical scene. A gazebo lined with hundreds of warm fairy lights hosted rows and rows of flower-laden long tables. In contrast with a subtle and soft colour palette of the ceremony, we chose a more powerful combination of gold, coral, purple, burgundy and sage green, creating the sense of arriving into a wonderful orchid garden.

Surrounded with bright colours and warm lights, everyone felt a true joy of life that evening. And how could they not? After all, as we said, weddings bring a sense of magic into the world.


For more information about destination weddings in Chiang Mai, head over to our Chiang Mai wedding planner page to learn more about tying the knot in The Rose of the North.

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