Why You Need to Start Planning Your 2021 Wedding Right Now

2020 has certainly taken the world by surprise. In a matter of a few weeks, everything slowed down and then came to a stop, leaving everyone across the globe, from Thailand to the US, somewhat at a loss, with many questions, and a blurry understanding of how to plan their life further.

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As leading wedding planners in Thailand, our busiest wedding season falls over the period of November to March, and between these months we are constantly in the active planning stage. This means that the current ‘staying home’ for us means lots and lots of productive work.

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If you feel a bit down, lost and insecure at this challenging time, — know that you are not alone. We get that too. We are all in uncharted territory now, without a full understanding of how the world will look like from now on. However, the most important thing we can do now is to stay healthy, stay positive and believe in good. Know that we will come together with our families and friends, hug our loved ones, and celebrate life. Know that these hardships will pass, and we’ll breathe freely.

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Of course, love doesn’t ever come to a stop. And that means that there are hundreds, thousands, and millions of people across the world who are now engaged. Engagement is a very special time in life for every couple, and one of the reasons we love our job is because we get to be a part of this journey and witnesses to their love.

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If you’re engaged and currently planning for your wedding, do not let this virus situation stop you. Use this time to tune into your true wishes and aspirations, and reflect on how you want your wedding day to look like. Then, use this knowledge to get into some action. If you are thinking about the wedding in 2021 (or maybe even 2022?), NOW is the perfect time to start planning and booking your vendors, and here is why.

1. Wedding planning is a lengthy process

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Depending on your wedding destination, the lead-up time to a wedding might vary. In Thailand, most of our wedding projects are booked 12-18 months in advance, which means that now is a very active time for us to book projects not only for winter in 2021 but also for the season after that, which brings us to 2022.  Most of the top suppliers start filling their calendars at least a year in advance, which is especially true for wedding photographers and most sought-after venues.


2. You have to make major decisions now

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Whether you are now on full-scale quarantine or simply have no travel plans for the next few months, there is a big chance you have a bit more time on your hands to dedicate to the wedding planning.

Those initial decisions are the most important in the process, where you decide on your wedding destination, approximate guest numbers, your budget, venue, photographer, and planner… It takes time for you to talk these plans through with your partner, then research on potential options, schedule a few calls, and finally, sign your contracts. Why not use this time to lay the groundwork for one of the most important days in your life?


3. 2021 & 2022 are going to be VERY BUSY for the wedding industry

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With 2020 leaving many couples no choice but to postpone their weddings to later dates, we expect the second half of the year as well as next year to be extremely busy for everyone in the industry. It means that it’s going to be harder to find available dates for the venue of your dreams or book the photographer you always wanted.

Consider starting your wedding planning journey earlier, — and have a more relaxed experience!


4. You can book your travel cheaper

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If you have your heart set on a destination wedding, booking your travel in advance means that you can get pretty good deals — both on plane tickets and accommodation. Early bird rates are always very attractive, but in the current situation, supporting the travel industry by booking your travel in advance also means you support them in difficult times.


5. Wedding planning is inspiring and fun

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We all feel a little lost and sad at times, and in this worrying time, we all need something to cheer us up. Isn’t planning for your own wedding the best mood booster of all time? All the plans, design choices, chats with your planner and styling, dress search… Exciting!

If you are now engaged and ready to start planning your wedding — congratulations! Now is the perfect time to start. Hiring a wedding planner makes the whole planning process easier, too! If you’ve always dreamt about a wedding in Thailand, our team of professional planners and designers is ready to help you with your knowledge and expertise. We work with the top vendors in the industry that can make even the wildest dreams of our couples come true.


Ready to get started on planning your dream wedding? Find inspiration by reading articles on wedding planning and other helpful tips posted on our blog!


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