Wedding Cheers — How to Choose and Serve Exceptional Wedding Cocktails

The menu is decided, the décor is chosen, and you’re excited to attend your own wedding reception. But did you give enough attention to your wedding drinks as well? Your signature cocktails and drinks can set the tone for your wedding just as much as the food, music and even the décor, which is why simply getting wine, spirits and mixers is not enough anymore. You need to think about how the drinks fit into the overall atmosphere.

Image: Blush Wedding Photography
Image: Blush Wedding Photography


Imagine: warm night with sea breeze, your guests mingling under fairy light canopy surrounded by the most beautiful flowers imaginable. They’re served creative cocktails that make them say ‘wow!’ the moment they see a pretty presentation and ‘yum!’ the moment they take their first sip.

Image: Sál Photo
Image: Sál Photo


The best thing about choosing your own cocktail menu for the night is that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one or two. While is it a popular option to serve HIS and HERS cocktails, where one is more light and feminine (maybe something floral or fruity), and the second one —stronger with more powerful flavours, you can let yourself be as creative as you wish. Working together with your bartender and mixologist, you can even dream up a little cocktail-centric drink menu, and let it be your focus corner during the reception!

Image: Saya Photography


Jean, the manager behind our in-house team of Bubble Bliss Bar, is very passionate about creating not simply a cocktail, but the whole experience for the guests and the couple. “Who doesn’t love a good cocktail?” she says. “A creative combination of ingredients, a good cocktail can be a powerful storyteller too, telling the guests the story of where and how you met, your favourite holiday destination or be a tribute to your chosen wedding destination.”

We couldn’t agree more! Thailand is a perfect place to play with flavours as well, with so many exotic fruits and fresh ingredients readily available. Think of tropical concoctions with passion fruit, lychee or hibiscus, trendy tea flavours (north of Thailand is a tea-growing region), or a refreshingly creamy coconut.

Image: Belle and Olive, Sál Photo


Another very important point to make —your drinks need to complement the overall theme and aesthetic. Serving the same kind of cocktail at a tropical wedding in Thailand and in winter chalet in Switzerland simply won’t work. Glassware, presentation, flavours, bar set up and décor —everything counts here. Over the years we have created many setups that have become a trendy staple —Sicilian lemon bar, floral stations with petal ice-cubes, frozen cocktails in coconut shells and so many more.

Image: Belle and Olive


Food and drinks always take centre stage at any event, they create conversation points, and serve as a perfect canvas for a great party. At The Wedding Bliss Thailand, we pay serious attention to both so your wedding will see only delicious and eye-catching creations.


Featured Image: Belle and Olive

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