Designing the Wedding: TWB Thailand Creative Process

When thinking about weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful decorations, which is also one of the most exciting and creative parts of our job.  From the idea conception to the execution, we are breaking down our creative process for you, so you can have another glimpse into the life of destination wedding planners in Thailand. 

The Beginning

It all starts with us getting to know our couple. Whether we speak in person or over video calls, we make sure to take time and find out what makes them special and unique. “It is important for me to have the couple share their tastes, their likes, not necessarily in terms of weddings, but rather in everyday life: their favorite music, artists, designers, and places for holidays”, — says Nara, our Creative Wedding Designer. “I also love learning the story of how couples meet; and by the time I have all this information, I gather a pretty good idea of the overall creative vision”, she explains.


While Pinterest is definitely a powerfully useful tool when it comes to outlining designs, and we do ask our couples to share their wedding ideas boards with us, we do not take these images as a direct call to action. It is easy to get lost among the abundance of ideas there is on Pinterest, and hard to distinguish between something that actually speaks to you and something you seem to want only because it’s trendy. Weddings can be trendy, but each wedding needs to stay timeless in a way that it should reflect the uniqueness of each particular couple.


A perfect example of this is the wedding of Jennifer and Neil. When we spoke to the couple, we knew that the bride is very classy and glam, while Neil is laid-back and fun. Combining these personality traits with some of their favorite color combinations, as well as taking into consideration the setting of the wedding (a private villa, overlooking Andaman sea), we developed a theme of ‘Classic Romance’. Champagne and white tones, combined with stately architectural shapes made out of very modern-looking acrylic material, overall produce a glamorous but classical feeling.

The Visualization

Once the general concept is in place, our creative designer and planner team sit down together with our amazing florists to work out the details. The original mood board has ideas for all areas potentially in need of décor: from ceremony to party.

Each of our team members has their own favorites when it comes to design elements. “I focus on details and the most important design element of the wedding for me is arch/altar, which becomes a focal point at each wedding”, says Nara. “It does represent the couple through its design and it is the thing that stands for love & warm moments between two people”.

Wine, one of our key destination wedding planners, has another standpoint. “I think the main thing is the overall atmosphere and the cohesiveness of design elements. I like to have everything in balance, rather than focus on one main key area”, she insists.


One of her most favorite weddings she has worked on is this Samui opulent wedding for a couple from Hong Kong residing in USA. Working with the couple and our designer, Wine combined classic elements with a luxurious, modern, and romantic theme, resulting in a gorgeous florally rich setup. The whole event felt grand, infused with class and romance.


The quality of flowers is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we like working only with our trusted partners, whose exquisite taste and creative skills are unrivaled. Using only freshest local and imported flowers, we always make sure that our designs can survive through long wedding days even in the hot Thai climate.

The Realization

At The Wedding Bliss Thailand, we work hard to ensure all our setups are unique and we never repeat the same settings twice. Just like all couples are different, so are our designs. From little tweaks to majorly new sketches, our creations are always reflective of our company aesthetic and of the couples’ personalities.

When it comes to the wedding day, the whole team is excited to see the design they worked so hard on come to life.

For more complicated and large-scale designs, the work sometimes starts a few days before, with the preparation of structures, and our construction team works tirelessly, creating a strong canvas for flowers and other decorative elements.


On the day, our team of florists, planners, and designers work together to bring the idea and dream to life. For the wedding of Farung and Andy in the beautiful seaside town of Hua Hin, Nanya worked her design around a modern aesthetic, and together with our creative team they built the ceremony area reminiscent of musical strings (as bride and groom both work in the entertainment industry). Metal also represented modernity and glamour, while tender pastel flowers kept the setting very romantic and elegant.

Wedding design is a complex process, that brings together a lot of different people. It’s not an easy cookie-cutter process, but rather elaborate labor of love, and we enjoy every moment of it!



The Wedding of Jennifer and Neil

Planning and Design: The Wedding Bliss Thailand
Photography: Blush Wedding Photography
Floral Design: IAMFLOWER
Furniture Rental: Something’s Gotta Bliss
Wedding Venue: Villa Aye

The Wedding of Maggie and Yueyang

Planning and Design: The Wedding Bliss Thailand
Photography: Darinimages
Floral Design: IAMFLOWER
Wedding Venue: Conrad Koh Samui
Furniture Rental: Something’s Gotta Bliss

The Wedding of Farung and Andy

Planning & Styling: The Wedding Bliss Thailand
Photography: Alen Karupovic
Venue: Baba Beach Club Hua Hin

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