Summer Ceremonies in Koh Samui

When we think about a beautiful wedding ceremony in a tropical setting in Thailand, Koh Samui is one of the first destinations that jumps to mind. This romantic island is a perfect place not just for vacation, but also for some of the most exclusive wedding arrangements in Thailand.

Credit: Mun Keat Photo
Credit: Mun Keat Photo

Koh Samui is enjoying its prosperous days at the moment, and there are many truly luxurious places for the wedding such as private villas, hotels, resorts, and even private islands. Traveling to Koh Samui today is not as difficult as you think, and connections from other major destinations in Thailand, as well as a number of international flights, will help you reach Samui in no time. Adventurous souls may choose to come by boat, boarding from Suratthani.

Credit: Alen Karupovic
Credit: Alen Karupovic

With its beautiful views and perfect summer light reflecting on the sea, Koh Samui is a perfect destination for a romantic wedding. And the most important and anticipated part of the wedding — ceremony and vow exchange — deserves the most beautiful view backdrop and the most styling decoration.

Credit: Anne Sophie Maestracci
Credit: Anne Sophie Maestracci

Arch or chuppa is possibly the most important element of the décor, as it serves as a direct backdrop for vow exchange, and should convey some meaning for the couple. Depending on personal preference, the wedding ceremony can be held on a grass lawn creating a summer garden vibe, or over the pool with ocean views — for a more impactful and impressive look.

Wedding ceremony design does not have one set shape but instead can be created in many forms. Round or square, circle arch or flower stands, freeform arrangement, or an architectural creation, — options are numerous. Decorative elements can include flowers, greenery, candles, and lights to enhance the design.

There are no rules when it comes to color palette either. We love taking inspiration from the surroundings, creating palettes that work in harmony with the venue. For more classic and elegant ceremonies light pastel colours and large blooms make a perfect choice, while for modern and fun couples a more bold and bright color choice can be more natural.

Credit: darinimages
Credit: darinimages

While the vow exchange area for the ceremony is important, it is also vital to remember about guests seating area. It should be comfortable for guests to spend at least 30 minutes there, but also be aesthetically consistent with the rest of the decoration.

Credit: Erich McVey

When choosing chairs for the seating area, make sure that they blend well with the rest of the decoration. Too common chairs will get lost among lush flower décor, while very assertive furniture designs may distract attention from subtle minimal decoration. Also make sure you only have enough chairs to have all guests seated, without leaving any seats empty, as this will not look well on wedding photos.

When talking about the seating area, another important thing to consider is aisle decoration. Think of it as a red carpet, a walkway for the bride, and her entrance is usually one of the most important highlights of the day.

The aisle can be decorated with simply scattered flower petals, flower beds or vases lining up on the sides. For more elaborate designs, there are always options of carpeted or hard floor walkways, for instance, a transparent glass walkway with flowers underneath. It is important to always think about the connection between the aisle design and the rest of the ceremony area.

Credit: terralorical

Last but not least — bouquets and boutonnieres. Indispensable elements of wedding floral design, these must be in coordination with the style and look of the couple and their bridal party, as well as the overall ceremony decor. Bridal bouquet is, in a way, a fashion statement!

Floral decoration for your wedding will be forever captured in wedding images, so it’s important to choose carefully. Trust your wedding designer and planner and work together to create the most unforgettable look!


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