Destination Wedding in Samui: What to Focus on When Planning the Best Wedding Ever

Having your dream wedding in an exotic location — is there something more exciting than this? Koh Samui might be the ideal spot for an exotic and luxurious wedding. It has a lot to offer: from white sand beaches and enchanting nature sceneries to luxury and private villas. It’s the best place to relax, unwind and get inspired before your big important day too. But where do you start when planning a wedding like this? With years of experience planning weddings in Samui and all across Thailand, we decided to share with you some useful tips on creating your wedding day timeline, when to take the best wedding photos, how to find the perfect venue and pick the best date. Let’s get started!

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Wedding Date 

Contrary to the common belief of everlasting summer, the tropical island Koh Samui also has its seasons. There are two definitive seasons, one full of sunshine and another characterized by a higher rainfall. The two sunniest months if you’re thinking about a perfect wedding time are February and March, however, anytime through April to September is also nice, warm, and sunny. Months you should try to avoid are October through December, known to be the rainy season.

Naturally, as everywhere in tropics, we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any rain in February or March, but they’re mostly limited to a short period of drizzle.

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Samui has many beautiful spots to hold a wedding ceremony. Something for everyone that makes their heart flutter from just the thought of it, from sandy beaches to exciting cliff views. You can write to our professional planners’ team telling us which view you are interested in, and we will provide you some amazing wedding venue recommendations.

When choosing the most ideal ceremony spot just for you, it is a nice benefit to have a site inspection at the venues that you are interested in. This might help you to better understand the location and find unique spots tailored to you. You can ask your wedding planner to go with you during site inspections, as they might spot some places you might not have even thought about. When having a site inspection at Koh Samui’s famous hotel Cape Fahn, our team saw the beautiful rocks and immediately imagined having a ceremony there. What we dreamed we did. If you want something, even though it might seem a bit unrealistic, we will find a way to make it happen.


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Wedding Day Timeline

To make sure your wedding day runs smoothly a timeline is a must. The timeline provides a clear guideline for all vendors, couple, and their bridal party when a specific thing needs to be done. When you have a planner, they will take care of this. When planning a wedding in Samui we mostly propose to avoid the hottest time of the day. So, we start the ceremony at 5PM. This way we will finish the wedding ceremony just in time for sunset time to take the pictures. When you know what time you want to start your ceremony you can plan the rest of your day around that point. For example, getting ready pictures start at 3:30PM and reception dinner starts at 7PM.

For making a timeline for the planning process of your wedding read our other article: WEDDING PLANNING TIMELINE

Photography by: The Cablook Fotolab


When the wedding day is over, all that remains are your wedding photos, so it’s important to pay special attention to this aspect of the wedding. When is the best time to take these pictures you ask? Of course, there is no single soul that does not think about the golden hour, the magical time just before sunset where everything is lit up with soft light.
Sunset time in Samui does not vary widely, with November/ December being around 6:10 PM, and January to March around 6:30PM. 

Make sure to have this time dedicated to your portrait photography. Find a beautiful spot on the venue or nearby and enjoy each other’s company with a camera quietly capturing your emotions.

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For more information about weddings in Koh Samui, our wedding planners at The Wedding Bliss Thailand can answer all the questions you might have about planning your perfect wedding. 

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