WEDDING PLANNER LIFE: Behind the Scenes with Nanya

Doing what you love is a true blessing!  

You can see stars in Nanya’s eyes when she talks about her passion, her job, her life in the wedding planning world. The first spark appeared when she attended her family friends’ wedding at their country house. Every single detail there was done with heart and personality. “This is what I want to do”, she thought. As long as she remembers herself she always dreamed about being a wedding planner and could not imagine a better path for herself. She has always been passionate about arts, design, music and had great organizational skills, and all this lined up perfectly for the industry.

Following her passion, Nanya established her own brand at a very young age, creating everything from scratch, and never looked back.

As she shows her very first draft design for her very first couple, she’s very emotional. There are collages of pictures snapped from magazines and printed from Google (hello, 2011, when Instagram and Pinterest were barely existent!). The Wedding Bliss, created by Nanya and her sister Jess, did not have their in-house designer back then, but they had a passion and followed their taste and creativity.

The company grew from zero to being one of the best luxury wedding planners in Thailand and in Asia, and among some of the well-known in the world. Nanya’s vision and persistence made this possible, and for years the company makes dreams of so many couples come true.

All this success does come with challenges and hardships, which are rarely seen by an outsider’s eye. What seems effortless and easy, actually requires inner power and decisiveness, self-discipline, and dedication.

Problems and challenges are a part of the job. “All you have to do is approach them all with a smile and a positive attitude!” Nanya says. In such an emotionally charged process, as planning a wedding, the pressure is inevitably high, and the ability to manage and handle stressful situations well is a must. After all, if the wedding planner is calm, so is the bride, because she knows the wedding is in good hands.

Nanya knows the importance of having the right team supporting her. “We are all very close in the team and every person we hire needs to be absolutely in love with what they do, and at the same time aware of the tough side of the business. It’s not all roses as people tend to think to look at us working with pretty flowers and beautiful details”, Nanya says.  She trains the team and trusts them with the planning process once they’re on board, but she’s still very much involved with every wedding case, despite a very busy schedule.
“Sometimes we have up to 3 weddings on one weekend, and I make this my priority that every couple feels they got my attention. They all have their assigned planner from our team, but as head of the company and the mastermind behind the business, I send a message to every couple to congratulate them personally”, says Nanya, with a smile on her face.



















You can see that she lives and breathes this job, and it really does make her happy!

As a wedding planner, there are a lot of things on Nanya’s mind. As she wakes up, her daily schedule is busy with meetings, answering emails, inspirational brainstorm sessions, Skype talks with her couples, and business networking. Juggling work-life balance is not easy.
“I try to recharge by doing what I love: spending time on beautiful Thailand beaches, surfing, catching up with friends… Travelling is also important, around Thailand or abroad, as this brings a lot of new and fresh ideas for my weddings”.

A big dreamer, Nanya always aims high. “I want to see ‘The Wedding Bliss Thailand’ as one of the most recognized wedding planner company in the world. We set design trends, we build an international business network, collaborating with creatives from Europe, Asia and USA, and we provide the highest service standard to our couples”, says Nanya proudly. And seeing how much The Wedding Bliss has achieved so far, there’s no doubt — it’s just the beginning.

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