Just like the fashion world, the wedding world also has its trends coming and going. While your wedding is unique and should reflect your personality rather than be a Pinterest-perfect picture, it’s still hard to completely forgo the trends that surround us at a given year. From the chosen Colour of the Year by Pantone Institute, to things that we see at celebrity weddings, these trends still set the tone of what is going to be popular in the current year. Today we’re sharing five of our favourite wedding trends for 2019!



One of the key floral trends of the year — dried grass and pampas — are finding their way to wedding arrangements all over the world. Whether it’s a string of fluffy gorgeousness on dining tables or a full framing of your wedding arch, they add lightness and playfulness into any look.

Photos by Liam Collard and Darinimages
Photos by Tyler Rye and Saya Photography


Eco-conscious Weddings

With the world moving towards more responsible consumption and eco-friendly materials, it is becoming even more so important to be conscious about your choices for wedding decor and details. Foam-free flower arrangements, cruelty-free materials, sustainable, locally-sourced meal choices, — all that and more are what the focus is on right now. 

Photos by Tyler Rye and Alen Karupovic


Statement wedding cakes

Following a period of the minimalistic trend in cakes with a smooth surface, and often just 1 tier, this year is going to be a boom of outstanding, tall, multi-tiered sweet creations. Decorated with fresh or masterfully made sugar flowers, hand-painted, and bejeweled cakes can add a touch of glamour to any wedding!

Photos by Charla Storey (via Martha Stewart weddings) and Greg Finck


Feminine Fashion Empowerment

In the time of the strong feminist movement, it is no wonder that bridal fashion is also shifting towards bringing in more strength. Two trends are particularly concerned with this: minimal architectural dresses and bridal suits.Suits can be accompanied by a beautiful lace to soften the look, while minimalistic dresses (following the example of Duchess of Sussex) are gaining their popularity more and more, providing a flattering simplistic look and lots of elegance.

Photos by Greg Finck
Photos by Darinimages and Tadashi Shoji (via Town and Country magazine)

**head image credit by Tyler Rye

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