What I learnt from being a Destination wedding planner

When Lookmai joined Wedding Bliss team a few years ago, it was clear right away that her passion and energy, her taste and style would create some gorgeous weddings.
Now it is safe to say that some of our best portfolio examples came from her unique approach.
We asked Lookmai to share things that she learnt while being a Destination Wedding Planner, and this is what happened!

1. Importance of being organized

Time management is one of the most essential qualities of a wedding planner, and I quickly learnt its importance not only when it comes to work, but also my personal time.

At work, this means that I’m careful and detailed when creating wedding planning timeline to make sure that the wedding process is on the right track. I usually like for all important decisions to be taken care of a month before the wedding day, which gives my couples some good time to relax and enjoy their holidays here in Thai paradise without worrying about the planning process.

When it comes to my personal life, time management is equally as important. With a busy schedule, many clients and flexible hours, it’s important to still find time for oneself: for me it’s sunbathing or travel to get fresh inspiration for work.

2. Creativity is everywhere and it requires work

Working with so many amazing venues, amazing vendors from all around the world, I learned that there’s no one way in creativity. Weddings are comprised from a combination of things: from the decoration until the menu, so, as a wedding planner, I need to keep myself updated on world’s trends in design, food, art… Inspiration is all around us, and not just in a wedding world, and blending it together with couple’s unique story, and their preferences, I am able create beautiful events for my clients.

3. An eye for details

A wedding day for every couple is once-in-a-lifetime event, so it’s extremely important to pay attention to the details, so it can be nothing but perfect. Every detail counts: from table linen texture to the volume of the music from the speakers, from the colour of the flowers to the food serving times. No matter how big or small, all of such details need to be meticulously planned and taken care of.

4. Making things happen

It takes experience and trust to make things happen: personal professional experience and knowledge and trust in your team.
To gain that professional confidence,I always challenge myself to learn new things, in the industry, getting to know all my couples personally. It then takes a team work to collaborate and create truly unique events. Because when someone got your back — you’re invincible!

With all these things, I am grateful to have this amazing opportunity to have the trust of my wedding couples, and opportunity create to share my experience and create best weddings for them. Creating these beautiful memories for them, and sharing them — is a wonderful gift in itself.

Photo credit: Darinimages

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