Why It’s Worth Investing into Wedding Decor and Flowers

Being destination wedding planners in Thailand for many years now, we’ve been honoured to manage a good few hundred weddings for our clients from all over the world, and each of those events has been unique in its own nature. Each of them was also impactful on our own perception of wedding aesthetics, as we learned to stay true to our personal design course while keeping the couple’s personality as the lead.

With that said, it made us realize that the stylistic component of the wedding is one of its most important aspects. While it may seem exuberant and unnecessary to invest as much time, emotional and financial resources into a decor that will only last a day, today we want to highlight a number of reasons why every couple should consider decoration and flowers as one of their key priorities when planning a wedding.

Why It's Worth Investing into Wedding Decor and Flowers
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Your wedding day is once in a lifetime event, and every couple is a movie star on that day. Overwhelmed with emotions, blessed with love and well wishes from friends and family, the day often comes and goes as a fleeting moment, even though the preparations usually take quite a few months or years.

And when it comes to remembering the day, photographs and videos are our best helpers, and they should be filled with beauty of the day. From gorgeous bridal bouquet, to your first Mr & Mrs kiss against the ceremony canopy, to the emotional tears as you’re listening to the speeches at your candlelit reception, — all these key moments are set against the aesthetic background of your wedding decor, and it should be visible in those visual memory keepers.  

Why It's Worth Investing into Wedding Decor and Flowers
Photos by: Terralogical


Carefully planned wedding decor creates an immersive environment for your guests. The moment they’re greeted with the Welcome area with beautifully styled cocktails, then led into the ceremony where they witness the wedding branding that started with your stationery continuing into the floral set up of the altar, a focus installation for a photo opportunity, followed by personalized touches at the reception, including names at the place settings, meaningfully designed favours, centrepieces that showcase seasonal blooms, and meticulously curated food menu to match the whole event…

All of these elements create a cohesive immersive aesthetic experience, leaving a lasting impression in their memory.

Why It's Worth Investing into Wedding Decor and Flowers
Photos by: Alen Karupovic


When, if not for your wedding day, will you have the freedom to express your personal aesthetics fully? Yes, you can always play interior designer and decorate your home, but a wedding day is a chance to become a true artist and lay out all your dreams. Every couple feels like a movie star on their wedding day, so don’t you want the decor to be the most beautiful setting you can imagine? Gather together your favourite colours, flowers, textures, themes, vibes, remember your favourite pieces of art, and talk them through with your wedding stylist or a planner, to create a wedding design truly reflective of your personality.

Why It's Worth Investing into Wedding Decor and Flowers
Photos by: Darinimages


Your wedding day is also a chance for you to feel like a hero of your own movie, a character of a fairytale, and flower decor contributes to this amazingly. Whether it is your ceremony backdrop, head table, or a photozone — make sure it’s worthy reflection of your amazing relationship and love story.

As you can see, wedding decor and florals are not a mere caprice, but an investment that will last all those years ahead, when you will look back at your wedding photos to remember the time when you got creative and decided to invest the time and allocate a fair budget into a beautiful setting.

Your wedding planner is always ready to share their expertise in the wedding design to ensure the timeless look.  


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