Why Thailand Is Your Ultimate Luxury Wedding Destination

Thailand has always been a popular stop on travelers’ maps thanks to its unique culture and character. It started out as an affordable destination, but when it comes to Luxury, Thailand is probably one of the best places on earth to pamper yourself, especially if we talk about weddings, 5 or 6-star hotel chains, luxurious private estates, Michelin-star restaurants and celebrity chefs, talented artists, and so much more, — all these bring Thailand to the top list of the hospitality industry. For wedding industry that means and make it one of the best destinations, one can choose for a luxurious wedding.  

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As a luxury wedding planner based in Thailand, The Wedding Bliss is specialists when it comes to all things luxury: villas on islands, 5-star seaside retreats, secluded beaches, lush jungles, sophisticated & eco-friendly settings… Thailand’s growing economy also draws more and more talented creatives, making the country an absolute gem for the wedding industry.

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Thailand’s ever-growing popularity as a luxury wedding destination has lots of reasons. Primarily, of course, it’s beautiful scenery and famed Thai hospitality that attracts people from all over the world, but if previously we’ve seen a prevalence of beach requests, the interest now also shifts towards northern destinations, such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, especially from the couples looking for a unique Thai culture and heritage.

The fact that this destination is not yet widely discovered makes it especially exclusive, and the abundance of designer venues definitely ensures a luxurious treatment.  

Islands are not any less popular, however, combining both mountainous and dream-like sea views, with lush green-covered hills.  Bangkok, the capital city, is another trendy location for a luxurious event, with its amazing array of gorgeous rooftop venues to choose from!

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A great variety of wedding venues and top-class service is another reason for Thailand’s unique position in the world of wedding industry. It’s hard to find another place where the two perfectly meet. Traditional and modern, beachfront resorts and luxury jungle camps, designer villas and famous beach clubs – Thailand basically has it all, one just has to name it and make a choice!

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Over recent years, Thailand has seen a great boost of the economy as well, which meant that the hospitality industry, including all things wedding, has developed an internationally recognizable network of vendors. Gourmet cuisine from talented chefs, masterpieces of floral design, world-renowned entertainment even for the most sophisticated crowds, international luxury destination wedding planners… Thailand has it all!

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Not to forget the amazing climate! There’re different seasons, of course, but once you find the right combination of location and time of the year, you’re guaranteed a sunny, warm, summer wedding of your dreams. And great weather means you’ll be able to fully enjoy your luxury destination wedding created by the best team of professionals to the fullest!

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All in all, Thailand is arguably the best place one can imagine celebrating the most important day in one’s life. Luxury is not hard to find if you’re in the right hands. And with the help of professional wedding planners in Thailand, you can be sure you’ll have the most unforgettable wedding day!

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