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Working in the destination wedding planning industry and creating that many beautiful and memorable weddings for couples from all around the world, we often get asked what our own perfect wedding would look like?  With so much inspiration surrounding us every day, we still, of course, hold our perfect vision close to our hearts. And today, we’re ready to share these dreams with you!

Today, the women of The Wedding Bliss Thailand will share their own personal dream weddings! Get ready to see how wedding planners envision their own perfect days!

NANYA, Destination Wedding Planning Director


Inspired by the gorgeous landscapes of Northern Thailand, Nanya’s dream wedding is a perfect combination of organic and elegantly modern. With water as the main uniting element that finds its way in wedding dress design, flower arrangement shapes, and wild foliage as a structural component of floral installation; you can feel the class and taste in everything!


YIMMY, Creative Designer


This rocky-chic wedding theme is inspired by today’s rebellious times of defying social norms. The combination of the cool colours against the delicate pink and pure white adds a harmonic yet modern tone to the overall look of the wedding. You can play by the rules… or will you dare to defy them?


LOOKMAI, Destination Wedding Planner


Just like everything in life, love needs time and nurturing for it to fully blossom. For Lookmai, trees are the main symbol of love. Her perfect wedding is set in the woods, surrounded by majestic nature and organic colours.

To represent the joy of the occasion, a colourful set of eclectic chairs is added.

For a romantic such as Lookmai, the surrounding atmosphere makes all the difference, so her dream dinner is set in the organic glasshouse, creating a cosy atmosphere while still preserving the feeling of being one with nature. Lots of candles and fairy lights are also a must!


SONIA, Brand Communications Manager


Crafted, meaningful and perfectly imperfect — quintessentially describes Sonia’s dream wedding. Inspired by nature, history and art, this concept celebrates design rooted in the surroundings: whether it’s a flowing fabric of a hand-made silk dress, free-form Ikebana-style flower arrangements, parchment paper invitation suite or amazing backdrop of the mountain ranges drenched in an Indian summer sun.


WINE, Destination Wedding Planner


A palette of baby blush, posey champagne, sassy burgundy, and navy blue. The name of the concept says it all. Who can ever resist the temptation of wine? Its perfect harmony of alluring sweetness and a hint of bitterness represents exactly what marriage is like; a blend of good and challenging, happy and a little sad, but always handled hand in hand together.


JESS, Executive Director

The-Wedding-Bliss-Dream-Weddings-JessThe wedding in a medieval castle in the deep dark wood, decorated with free-form arrangements, lush ivy greenery mixed with large garden vintage roses, and dramatic candlesticks and candelabras. Opulent, mystical and romantic, this wedding will make all guests feel like entering into another world of the surreal medieval fairytale. This theme represents enduring love and a timeless bond. And they lived happily ever after!


*Main image: Greg Finck

** All images used in mood boards are taken from Pinterest, sources unknown. If you wish to be credited, please reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to give credit here.

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