Adventurous Romance — Engagement shoot in Golden Triangle

For one extraordinary couple, there needs to be a very special engagement shoot. Nadear and Andres not only share their love for one another but also their many passions in life; one of which is exploring some of the remote corners of the world, discovering unique locations. Their adventures have taken them all around the world, but when it came to their engagement photos, they needed something truly special.

Combining their adventurous spirit, love for luxury, and the desire to honour the country they met and fell in love (which is also their home at the moment), the choice fell upon a very unique place in Thailand — The Golden Triangle. This area is known around the world for being a tri-country border between Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos, as well as having a unique landscape combining mountains, river, and tropical forests.

Tucked away in this remote area is an opulent Four Seasons Tented Camp, which brought to life the core of the inspiration behind the shoot. Reflecting the shared adventurers’ spirits of Andres and Nadear, the shoot was styled as a vintage jungle safari and adventure romance.


Starting their day in Explorer’s lodge, the couple enjoyed a serene morning admiring the views from their balcony. It was the beginning of a very inspiring and saturated day. To not overwhelm the beauty of the place, we started in easily on the design, focusing on the couple’s looks rather than floral decor first, and then slowly added more as the story developed.

We pay tribute to the location and told a cohesive story of the day. The mystical look of the surrounding forests made us think of a fairytale, and floral set up at the infinity pool drew its inspiration from Swan Lake, a beautiful love story by the lake full of flowers.

The afternoon was marked with the bohemian chic tent set up at the riverbank, referencing the times of Victorian splendour, with its colonial trends enhanced with floral motifs.

River inspiration continued as our couple embarked on the river cruise in traditional Thai long-tailed boat, decorated in lush florals. We created a stunning set up using the colour trend of the year, ultraviolet with the greens, creating a perfect juxtaposition to the earthiness of the background.

See more of Nadear and Andres’ photoshoot at out Chiang Mai gallery page.

Photography: KT Merry

Wardrobe styling: Gabrielle Hurwitz


Design, concept, and planning: The Wedding Bliss Thailand

MUAH: Jinjutha Make up

Wedding dresses: Liz Martinez, Samuelle Couture, Alexandra Grecco

Venue: Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

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