Chiang Mai — Northern Jewel of Thailand

The Wedding Bliss Thailand was born out of love for the world of weddings, but also out of love for Thailand and its beauty. The country is a perfect wedding destination and offers some of the most unique settings in the world.

Nanya, Destination Wedding Planning Director of The Wedding Bliss Thailand, invites you to join her for a trip to Chiang Mai, a jewel of Thailand’s northern region. Deep cultural roots, majestic mountain views, and a mindful slow way of life, — you’ll want to plan your next journey here right away!

Chiang Mai has long been a beloved area in the hearts of Thai people, and rightly so. Unique nature, beautiful landscapes, amazing food, and unrivaled hospitality, — all that and more characterizes this area. It’s beloved also for its mild climate: spring-like temperatures during winter months (November to February) here promise a great time exploring the area. The best place to unwind, reset the body and the mind, Chiang Mai is also a design and creative heart of the north, and, possibly, Thailand in general, luring people with its craft spirit and luxurious uniqueness. For weddings that means: extraordinary venues, impeccable level of services, and inspiring atmosphere.

I traveled to Chiang Mai to discover and share more of such unique locations with you and was amazed by the diversity I encountered there. From rustic fairy-tale settings to tropical places to Instagram-perfect trendy, ‘hip’ locations, — Chiang Mai is a dream place for all of you adventurers, free-spirit and unique luxury-seekers.

I started my trip right in the city, visiting X2 hotel, perfect for large groups of up to 200 people, offering the convenience of being close to town and culture, yet with its perfectly serene nature settings.

Na Nirand Boutique Hotel, in its turn, is ideal for small, intimate weddings.

The Marndadee, a boutique resort with beautiful Lanna-Colonial design, is another gem on the city map.

If this culturally-rooted architecture appeals to you, 137 Pillars House Chiang Mai and  Villa Mahabhirom are also great options for you!

Making my way more up north, I fell in love with a designer masterpiece — Howie’s homestay. A secret private palace in the mountain, designed by Bill Bensley, a renowned luxury resorts designer. A set of beautiful pavilions in a lush tropical garden somehow makes you feel as if you are at home and at a design museum at the same time, with its perfect balance of traditional Lanna and modern architectural elements.

The further north we went, the more amazed we were by how modernity and tradition can harmoniously co-exist together. Every place here seems to be a perfect choice for a wedding ceremony, be it a coffee shop in the mountain or the lawn on the river bank where I stopped by during the trip. Sibsan, a hotel close to elephant camp and river, and Flora Creek are perfect examples of that. Imagine yourselves exchanging vows with these gorgeous views in the background, is this not a dream?

If you’re looking for a deeper connection with history and tradition, Kaomai Lanna can be a great choice. A former tobacco barn turned into a boutique hotel, with spacious grounds make it a perfect venue for a large, rustic-style wedding.

The creative atmosphere, virgin tropical forest views, breakfasts with the view, connection with nature…

My Chiang Mai experience showed me the true beauty of the area. It doesn’t solely lay in its look, but also in the soul of the people you meet there. There’s so much more to share about this area, and much more amazing venues to discover!  We had an amazing experience working and traveling around this area, with two of our most amazing projects arranged at Dhara Dhevi Hotel Chiang Mai: a pastel fairy-tale and a bold multicultural celebration. We can’t wait to arrange more gorgeous weddings in Chiang Mai and share the beauty of this region with our couples. Do not hesitate to reach out to Nanya directly if you’re in search of a wedding planner in Chiang Mai.

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