Elegant Rustic Wedding in Phuket

When greenery was announced as a color of the year 2017, many decorators were puzzled as to whether there will be enough room for play concerning wedding design when referring to this theme. While greenery can serve as a beautiful base, how does one turn it into a leading element in decor?

While it may seem complicated, greenery in itself is very powerful. It can be easily combined with both floral components and more rough materials like wood, concrete, metals, and others.

The wedding we’d like to share with you today, as a tribute to this color and as we’re about to move to 2018, is an excellent example of how a combination of greenery with masculine elements like raw wood and metal can create a magical setup.

A private-villa wedding set on the west coast just outside of Phuket is always a great idea. Collaborating with Lovever Wedding from Canada, we wanted to create a romantic, chic, and elegant vibe, and bring in the freshness of nature.

The bride, being a successful wedding planner herself, has a strong creative vision, and we love it when we can collaborate with our brides on individual designs. Emma wanted to make sure their wedding could creatively stand out, and the first idea was to create a decor without traditional flower settings, instead of aiming at only greenery and woody browns.

The theme was described as ‘enchanted affair,’ so by adding gold elements we created a magical touch to things. To keep overall tones fresh, we added quite a bit of white to tableware, as well as the flooring.

A focal point of both ceremony and reception was a ceiling decor with suspended greenery and crystal baubles just above a long, typical dining table.

And of course, lighting plays a significant role, so fairy lights were incorporated for a magical touch, and chandeliers — for refinement. As a result, what could become a merely rustic theme turned into an elegant and charming sophistication.

Weddings planners in Phuket can provide couples a wide selection of different wedding venues to suit any possible wedding style. And whatever might lack in the location, our team of passionate wedding planners will find it, source it, and incorporate it organically into your wedding day.

The result? A deeply personal and stylish event that will be remembered for years to come!



Photography: Axioo

Planning and Styling: The Wedding Bliss Thailand


Rentals: Something Gotta Bliss

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