Jenny and Calvin

Being mainly based in Thailand, we know first-hand what rainy-season is. Naturally, most of the weddings happen during the hot and sunny period, yet sometimes the rain comes unexpectedly, and that was the case for Jenny and Calvin. Despite having their wedding set for a safe day in February, we woke up on the wedding morning to some gray cloudy skies.

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Luckily, our beautiful bride remained calm and understanding, while the team brainstormed ideas of adjusting the set up to these new weather conditions. With an insufficient time allowed for changes, we decided to move all festivities indoor, both ceremony and reception dinner, only leaving party set up outside, following our bride’s desires, keeping our fingers crossed that skies would have cleared out by late evening.

Jenny and Calvin - The Wedding Bliss Thailand 2

The living room at YL Residence became our ceremony spot, with its high ceilings, and minimal interiors, perfectly blending in with the classy yet modern decor we had planned. Large floor-to-ceiling windows allowed for plenty of natural light despite the cloudy weather, while the color scheme of peach, blush and coral tones brought in a so-desired warm ambiance.  At the back of the living room, we set a gallery structure, decorated with natural greens and beautiful portraits of the couple, which serves as a great photo opportunity for all guests.

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After one emotional and touching ceremony, our couple ventured outside for a few wedding portraits taken around the premises of the villa, while the Koh Samui wedding planning team is doing some final touches to the reception dinner setting. Clubhouse decorated with fairy lights, and tall flower arrangements, this time set off with a sophisticated shade of gray in table runners, became prominently festive.

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As the dinner progressed, and guests took turns in congratulating the happy couple in between delicious courses, the weather outside seemed to get better, so we decided to stick to the original plan with an outside party. As the time came for the couple to cut the cake and perform their first dance, we invited everyone to gather under firelight canopy. And just the first few notes played giving a cue for  Jenny and Calvin to start their performance, there came drizzling a light and warm summer rain. And it did not stop our heroes! They kept on dancing and singing, enjoying every moment, with all their guests gathered around and sang along! The party went on afterward, and nobody seemed to mind this changeable weather of the day because a wedding should always be about happiness, of these joyful moments shared with the loved ones, no matter what.

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Wedding Planner: The Wedding Bliss Thailand


Venue: YL Residence


Photography: darinimages



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