Importance of Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Choosing your wedding photographer will be one of the most important wedding-related decisions you need to make. Naturally, you need to like the style of photography, but it is also important to connect with the photographer on a personal level. Only then your photographer will be able to capture your real emotions through the lens, and the photos will be something you cherish forever.

As wedding planners, we pay close attention to photographers our clients engage to and are always excited to work with overseas professionals. Booking a destination photographer might be frightening at first, considering it’s hard to arrange a face-to-face meeting before the wedding, but with video calls today, it’s easier to get to know each other. However, to make this connection deeper, we always recommend having a pre-wedding session scheduled a couple of days before the wedding, so you can also get used to the way your photographer works and get comfortable in front of the camera.

This post today has some amazing examples of beautiful pre-wedding sessions captured by three incredibly talented international photographers, each with their authentic style.

Raw and honest, cinematographic, encompassing both fine art and photojournalism, photos by Alen Karupovic capture beautiful Thai countryside nature overlooking famous Phang Nga Bay. Allowing our couple, Lookmai and Johan, to just be at the moment and follow their instant emotions, he created this beautiful series.

Importance of Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - The Wedding Bliss Thailand - 1
Photography Credit Alen Karupovic
Importance of Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - The Wedding Bliss Thailand - 2
Photography Credit Alen Karupovic

View more photos from Lookmai and Yohan’s pre-wedding shoot on the Krabi wedding gallery page.

A rather more feminine, soft film imagery captured by The Cablook Fotolab, is another one of our latest favorites. Darya mainly works with film, and her photos are always full of light and air, with her artistic touch upon them. Every bride in her photos is a model, a star, a shining diamond, and she always finds a perfect angle, perfect posture, to create a timeless perfection in photography.

Importance of Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - The Wedding Bliss Thailand - 4
Photography Credit The Cablook Fotolab

With the right balance between the two, journalism and art, stands beautiful imagery of Artiese Studio, and this pre-wedding shoot for our couple Cartoon and Andre is a perfect example of it. Theresa’s photos are honest and emotional, yet perfect pictures worth to have their spot on pages of fine-art magazines. Soft pastel colors combined with relaxed postures and beautiful setting made an excellent result.  

Importance of Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - The Wedding Bliss Thailand - 3
Photography Credit Artiese Studios

Pre-wedding photos not only allow you to get to know your photographer better, but it is also the way to have your story captured in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, outside of the busy wedding day timeline. Don’t lose this opportunity, and make sure with your wedding planner that you have a couple of hours set specifically for this.



Photography by:

Alen Karupovic

Artiese Studios

The Cablook Fotolab

Featured image by The Cablook Fotolab

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