Have you ever wondered what it takes to create one perfect wedding? Looking at the scene of a wedding is just as exciting (or maybe even more interesting!) than going to theater or movie backstage. The stage production, light, sound, and floristics, — all of these and more need to come together in the process of creating the most extraordinary and remarkable days in every couple’s life. And just like a movie set needs a director to guide the filming, an orchestra needs a conductor to run their performance, a wedding needs a professional planner with their experience and taste to ensure integrity, style, and smoothness of such an important event.

Over the years of our work, we’ve done around 400 events, and each of them was unique and remarkable to us, each of them taught us something, but some of them did more than that: they raised our standards, our skills to a whole new level. This recent wedding in Chiang Mai was one of such events, and we want you to see a bit more than the perfect final picture today.

We spent three glorious days in this historic city, preparing, briefing, rehearsing, setting up, and orchestrating this unforgettable wedding, and we want to share it with you today.

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Every wedding starts with the venue, and this wedding has got arguably the most impressive backdrop in the north of Thailand. A renown Dhara Dhevi Hotel Chiang Mai is the place that captured our imagination for quite some time, and our talented team of wedding planners in Chiang Mai were excited to be able to project our creative vision in their premises. Beautiful Lanna period architecture and numerous traditional elements in the hotel have inspired us to create a real-life fairy tale for our couple.

Lanna Fairytale - The Wedding Bliss Thailand - 3

The ceremony was set to take place with a gorgeous backdrop of the main hotel building, creating a princess’ castle outline in the background. Laid down on the stage in the middle is the ceremonial arch. It was simple in its square shape, with a rich greenery base, then elaborately decorated with fresh flowers. Floral elements were mainly constituted by gorgeous orchids, with hydrangea and roses in dark purple, magenta, and white colors. Hanging floral gardens in the arch added a dynamic element to decor, while the aisle stands in mirrored glass that contributed to some solemnity.

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Thanks to the diversity of the hotel’s premises, we could make each of the events throughout the day unique. After the ceremony, the guests proceeded to the sunset deck set among the beautiful scenery of rice fields. To avoid space clustering with too much furniture, we focused on atmospheric lights and lanterns, and some high cocktail tables, to encourage the natural flow of the event and easy conversations. Large initial letters of the couple’s name were set in the rice field, providing for a perfect memorable picture.

Lanna Fairytale - The Wedding Bliss Thailand - 6

There was still more to surprise our guests with, as we’ve worked hard on a truly epic set up for a reception dinner. Large truss construction raised above Dhara Dhevi’s spacious grass lawn, serving as a frame for beautiful drapings and lights. The focal points of the whole space and the main decorative elements were three massive floral chandeliers above the dining table. The team worked day and night to put everything together, and the result was beyond amazing.

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The celebration did not end with dinner. The happy occasion continued with an after party back at the main square, which we turned into a spectacular dance floor, complete with party lights and bar set up. The fireworks made one perfect opening scene to get the party started. We witness how the guests and the couple dance the night away; having a grand time with family and friends. We knew that the event was a success by merely looking at the happy crowd.

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Planning and styling: The Wedding Bliss Thailand



Venue: Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai






Photography: PikPongpol Photography



Lights and sound + stage production: Charlie Lighting


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