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One of the most frequently asked questions from an engaged couple is when is the right time to book specific suppliers or make sound decisions in wedding planning.

With a huge amount of work in wedding preparation, it’s easy to lost track of your “to-do” list. As one of the top wedding planners in Thailand, we do make sure all things are done and booked promptly, but if you’re looking for a simple timeline of wedding planning, our friends at WeddingWire made an excellent infographic to help you with that!

You may find the infographic at the end of this blog post, while we focus on the main ones in this article.

Wedding Planner and Wedding Venue — 1 year before the wedding

Arguably, two of the most prominent vendor decisions you need to make. Your venue will determine the mood and style of the day, while your wedding planner; well, your wedding planner will do everything else! It is especially important if you’re planning a destination wedding, where venues get booked pretty fast in high season, and planners will work tirelessly to put together the best team to execute your wedding even on the edge of the world!

Wedding Planning Timeline - The Wedding Bliss Thailand 1

Wedding Photographer & Videographer — 10 months to 1 year before the wedding

Great photographers get booked pretty quickly; best ones get booked way far in advance!

If you have your dream photographer, do not wait too long before contacting them, do it as early as you can! Photos are your memory, your legacy, that you will cherish years and years later, so do not compromise on this.

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Wedding Planning Timeline - The Wedding Bliss Thailand 2

Decorator, Florist, Caterer — 8 to 10 months before the wedding

After you settled the venue, planner, and photographer, it’s time to picture out your wedding day’s actual look; meaning design-talk. Finding designer/florist who understands your personal aesthetic is challenging, and your wedding planner’s experience and creative expertise will be a great help in this.

Catering is just as important, as food must correspond with event theme and location, and you will need time for all the tastings and adjustments (sounds yum!)

Wedding Planning Timeline - The Wedding Bliss Thailand 3

Calligrapher/stationery designer, MUAH stylist, Wedding Gown — 6 months before the wedding

Shop for your wedding stationery and your wedding dress when you already know the overall concept, look and feel of the event, so everything creates a cohesive, beautiful picture together!

Just like a princess’ gown looks out of place in the beach wedding, modern graphic stationery might not be in tune with your vintage vineyard setting.

Wedding Planning Timeline - The Wedding Bliss Thailand 4

We hope this was helpful information!

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*Infographic by WeddingWire

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