Pim and Name Part 2

Who doesn’t love weddings? We do, and when we have a chance to organize not one, but TWO gorgeous weddings for the same couple, who also happen to be so beautiful together, we can’t believe our luck in life, and say our firm and loud YES to 2 celebrations!

Name and Pim decided on having their second wedding ceremony following traditional Thai engagement and wedding in Bangkok, hosted on a rooftop. To ensure a nice contrast to the first event, which was very urban and modernistic in design, the couple decided to hold vow exchange and party at a beautiful seaside location, and their choice fell upon Kui Buri, which is around 3-hour drive from Bangkok to the south.


The true pleasure of being in this area of Thailand is that it is not widely discovered by tourists, and ensures peace and quiet for your special day. To bring out the best of this laid-back atmosphere, we focused on bright colored blooms in design, using lots of European garden flowers, accentuated by lovely pink and orange orchids. The venue inspired the naturalness of decor, with its beautiful lawn, seafront location, and nice minimalistic stone and wooden architecture.



Big tree on the front lawn made a perfect frame for the ceremony. To avoid loading up this beautiful natural setting too much, we only used a large floral garland for the vow place, leaving the rest of the space intact.


The bride has a genuinely creative spirit and is talented in many ways herself: she cooks rich desserts, makes stylish clothes, and has a meticulous taste in photography. Every single detail of this Bangkok wedding was therefore deeply personal and customized. From gorgeous tailor-made gown from Patarasiri to flower selection and indulgent menu.

The night finished with one of a kind party, filled with retro music and crazy dancing. Because what are wedding’s about if not fun?





Wedding Planner: The Wedding Bliss Thailand


Photography: darinimages



Venue: X2 Kui Bui Resort



Flowers: PHKA Studio



MUAH: Thananat Lapchaiwat


Gown: Patarasiri Bangkok

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