Pim and Name Part 1

Elegance is always in style. There might be a change in fashion, color trends, innovative ideas, but, elegance is truly timeless; it makes our hearts beat faster, and our eyes smile, especially so it applies to a wedding. It’s easy to lose your voice in inspirational overflow we often find ourselves nowadays: Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, online magazines, and other visual platforms that inspire our style palate. The question you should always ask yourself is, what it is that resonates most with you, what is your passion in life, and who you are as a couple. Pim and Name knew they wanted to have two separate wedding ceremonies and parties: one to cherish Thai traditions and two, to celebrate the laid-back vibe of Thailand seaside.





Living in Bangkok, the couple decided that it’s best to host the first traditional ceremony in their hometown. It’s traditional for Thai people to have a large Thai engagement and wedding blessing ceremony. Normally, this includes many traditions: starting from Khan Mak procession symbolizing engagement, retrieving the bride, asking permission from parents and their blessing, ring exchange followed by a water blessing ceremony. Pim and Name highly respect these traditions, yet they wanted to make sure that their wedding day is stylish and modern and reflects their personal aesthetics: minimal and elegant.


The choice of having their wedding in Bangkok was an easy decision to make for the couple. Bangkok is a city of rooftops, and the one in Hotel Once made a beautiful setting for the ceremony. Hotel design set a tone for overall monochrome and laconic design of the wedding, with added gold and smoky pink accents in lighting and details.


The couple decided to have a first-look before proceeding together to the rooftop ceremony, and darinimages amazingly captured this emotional moment. The bride looked stunning in her custom-made gown by POEM Bangkok in beautiful laconic and flattering silhouette.



After the ceremonies, it was time for portrait sessions around the hotel’s beautiful interiors. Never miss a chance to have 20-30 minutes alone with your photographer after the ceremony. This is the time of heightened emotions, and it’s worth capturing it for years to come!


Reception dinner was set in a beautiful glasshouse style room, with lots of air in the space, and beautiful lights throughout. Accents of white and gold still prevailed in decoration, and the guests enjoyed this classy and modern setting to the most.


Beautifully lit rooftop obtained a new look at night-time offering such a romantic setting for the first dance later in the night.


We totally loved everything about this wedding, from the couple’s perfect sense of style to the amazing crowd of their guests!



Wedding Planner: The Wedding Bliss Thailand



Photography: darinimages



Venue: Hotel Once Bangkok



Flowers: PHKA Studio



MUAH: Thananat Lapchaiwat


Gown: POEM Bangkok


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