Wedding Trends And How To Make Them Work For You

Wedding inspiration is everywhere nowadays: Pinterest, wedding blogs, Instagram, fashion magazines, the list goes on. Trends change every year and every season, making it quite a difficult task for a bride to choose the one that fits her best. Today we will talk about staying on trend without being overpowered by it while in the planning process.


Listen to your voice

Your inner voice that is. Ask yourself if you like that pink, and blue combination like Pantone suggests to have. You might prefer to use something brighter and saturated, or muted and gray with gilded touches. Remember that you have to be comfortable with whatever color you will be choosing, so listen deeply to your desire.

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Don’t try to copy some other wedding

Pretty wedding pictures from Pinterest and blogs are there for your inspiration and inspiration only. Copying the look, decor, bouquet or table setting that you saw somewhere is not fun at all — you do want your wedding to be yours and unique, right? Instead of fixating on a particular image, put together a moodboard of photos, colors, shapes and textures that inspire you, share it with your planner or designer and allow them to show their creativity! Rest assured; the result will exceed your expectations!


Search for inspiration outside of “wedding world”

It’s easy to Google “Best wedding trends 2016” or “top ideas for a destination wedding,” but the problem is: you won’t get much variety and originality out of it. Remember: your wedding day is only one day of your life, and yes it’s important, but even more so it should reflect who you are as a couple. Your favorite books, paintings, artists, movies, music, travel destination — everything and anything can be your inspiration for your most anticipated day. Most of the styled shoots put together by professional designers, stylists and photographers take this approach, and the results are dazzling!


Be venturous

Trends are there to inspire you, but nobody says you should follow them. Nowadays, trends are shifting towards comfortable ballet flats instead of heels, but if you’re planning a destination wedding on the seashore, why not drop the shoes?

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Floral trends pick up a lot from bohemian, lax aesthetics — why not try to put a bouquet by yourself? Personal touches are always the best!


Harmony overall

Sometimes there are overflowing wedding design inspirations, which end up in an eclectic mix and match. Right color and design blending is the first thing you should think about in every detail of your wedding; from your gown to cutlery on the table. Wooden tables wouldn’t look right in a classy ballroom, while princess dress would be a poor choice for a beach ceremony.



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