What Wedding Favours To Avoid

Wedding favours are an excellent way to say thank you to your family and friends for joining you in your celebration. However, in a wind whirl of wedding tasks, it’s hard to forget about them until the very last minute, where the only option you have left is some unnecessary souvenirs. To avoid that, it’s better to think it over in advance. To make sure your guests will like your favours, check our NOT-TO-DO list, and make sure you do not follow it 🙂

Favours with your wedding monogram/wedding couple’s names/wedding date

This is possibly the most common mistake when planning guest favours. Naturally, for you, as bride and groom, your wedding date is important, and you want to remember it forever.  Your guests, however, do not necessarily need to have something with your wedding day or your names engraved on it in their household. Just ask yourselves if you would keep something like that? It is much more thoughtful and nice to present your guests with something that has their name on it, showing that you’re thankful for them to be there on your special day and that you care for them.



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Cheap trinkets

That is not to say that favours have to be expensive; not, we don’t want anyone to go broke spending crazy amount of money on favours for 100 guests. However, it is essential to be thoughtful and avoid useless souvenirs. Trinkets can never be cherished and appreciated and will be quickly discarded and forgotten. A great alternative is something inexpensive but heartfelt — hand-made presents or nice edible things like chocolates, cookies, or local specialties.

Poor Packaging

Let’s be honest; everyone loves the nice packaging. There’s something special about these wrappings, ribbons, branded paper bags. Show your guests you care by preparing a custom made packaging: add their names, your thank you note, or photograph, choose a packaging that matches with the overall wedding stylistic.


Meaningless things

For many couples, choosing a favor is hard simply because they don’t narrow down their options. They try to consider a whole array of most popular favours out there. Focus on things that are meaningful to you as a couple; that can tell your story or show your passion in life. Maybe you both have your favorite chocolate type — why not share it with your guests? Or maybe the proposal happened in Greece — beautiful little bottles of olive oil will be a good symbolic favor in that case. Or maybe you share your passion for charity together, then why not allow your guests to contribute too, and make a kind donation on their behalf?



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