How to Prepare for Rain on the Wedding Day

What a bride doesn’t dream about a perfect wedding on her wedding day? Rain. Unfortunately, though, humans don’t have the ability to control the weather, and sometimes rain does catch newly wedded couples on their special day. As a wedding planner in Thailand, we are aware of the rainy season, and from years of experience, we learned that it’s always better to prepare for weather caprices in advance. Today we share a few tips on how to prepare for rain on your wedding day.

Prepare the venue

Thinking of a good alternative to outdoor ceremony and reception has to be a number one thing on your to-do list. Think of renting a tent or a marquee, and work on its design in advance. Yes, that’s an extra expense on your quotation, and the weather might turn out perfect on the day, but it gives you a stress-free wedding, without any chance of freaking out because you do not have backup plans and puts high hope on luck.


Be practical

If you know that there are high chances of inclement weather on that day, think of splitting the wedding day into two parts: an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. If you already have an indoor ceremony prepared in advance, it would be easier for you to move the ceremony inside in case thunderstorm catches you right before you’re about to exchange your vows.

Arrange for your newlywed’s photoshoot Plan B

Sunset portrait sessions on the beach are ideal, but if you don’t feel like risking getting drenched during it, think of a plan B. Design a nicely decorated corner or a special photo area near your reception. Your guests can use it for taking memorable photos from the night as well. If you’re willing to take the risk and have outdoor shoots, remember about the props: beautiful umbrellas and raincoats might come in very handy. Photos under the rain are also very romantic, although you will have to prepare 2nd outfits to change into later.

If you’re not ready to accept inclement weather for the shoot, it might be a good idea to have your portraits taken on another day, either before or after the wedding.


Notify your guests

As a wedding couple, you will keep a close eye on weather forecasts, while your guests might forget about checking it whatsoever. It will be a great gesture if you notify your guests in advance about rain possibility, either through your wedding website, social media, or simply messaging/emailing them. If your wedding is scheduled during the rainy season, inform the guests in advance, by adding this information to your invitation suite.


Details are important

In rainy weather, it’s important to remember that your makeup should be waterproof and shoes — comfortable. Other small details like hair dryer and towels will be of great help as well. Think of a backup outfit in case the gown and the suit are soaked, and remember that loose hair and light waves are not very lasting, so it’s better to go for a beautiful hair updo.

Think positive

Don’t let bad weather ruin your happiness on your wedding day. There’s nothing you can do about it, and the less you think about it, the less troubling it will seem. After all, it doesn’t matter if the rain is pouring outside, what’s important is that you’re about to marry the love of your life!


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