Choosing A Color Palette For Your Wedding: Common Mistakes

When it comes to wedding design, first and most important thing to do is choose a color palette that is going to be the base of overall decoration. To make sure you create a harmonious and stylish color scheme we prepared a few tips and recommendations today.

Don’t use too many colors

Even if you are dreaming about a bright and colorful wedding, it doesn’t mean you need to use as many colors as possible. Most of the time using more than 4-5 color tones results in disagreeable and messy look. It is best to pick 3, a maximum of 4 main colors, and if you still want to add some depth and variety to it, use different hues of the same color instead.


Avoid single-tone solutions

Unicolor wedding decoration can look quite dull, even if that base color is the prettiest and your most favorite one. White, for instance, is the most favorite color for the wedding, however, without proper support of other hues, it will look too plain. Try playing with subtle combinations of close tones to make it more attractive, for example, white with nudes or light olive tones.


Curate the trends

Trends change every season, but you want to be happy looking at your wedding photos even 20 years from now, right? That is why is it so important to carefully curate wedding trends, and only pay attention to those close to your taste and heart. If you prefer calm pastel colors, metallics and burgundy are probably not the best choices for your wedding decor, while rose quartz will be a better match.

Play with textures

The texture is a crucial element of decor, and ignoring it is a big mistake. The same color tone on silk ribbons and cotton tablecloths will have an entirely different look, and combining different textures can add a lot of depth to style. Textures should also go well with the overall stylistics of the wedding, for example, wood and burlap make a perfect combination for a rustic wedding, while it will look entirely out of place in a classic ballroom setting.


Consider the venue as your canvas

Your color palette can not exist isolated from the venue style. Think of your venue as your canvas and background, which you’ll need to enhance with the help of decor. Trying to create a whimsical garden atmosphere in a city center loft is not the easiest idea. Make your job easier by choosing the venue that you like by itself already, without any decor in it, and it will be the first and most important step towards creating a perfect wedding decor.

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Don’t aim for 100% color match with flowers

Quite often brides are getting very concerned with having flowers perfectly matching in color with outfits (i.g. for bridesmaids bouquets or corsages) or table textiles. The truth is: it’s almost impossible to ensure that flower hues will be similar to the requested tone, each flower is unique, and each floral supply comes a little different to the previous. That’s the beauty of nature, and instead of stressing out about it, trust your florists and decorators on making arrangements in complementing hues, combining your requested lavender with slightly deeper violet and lilac.



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