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You’re engaged! And now it’s time to plan that dream wedding you always imagined. It is exciting and scary at the same time; there are so many things to consider. Rule number 1: don’t panic! It’s best to get a help of a professional wedding planner, who can be your guide and support in all decisions, and share their invaluable experience in all areas.

Today, we will be sharing our tips and lifehacks for the best wedding experience you and your guests could enjoy. We hope you’ll find these useful!

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Always prepare 5-10% spare budget for unforeseen expenses

Due to several reasons, wedding budgets are more likely to get higher than initially estimated. As you start working on details, you may change your mind on some decoration, or want to add extra flowers, work a little bit more on that personalization, and end up with slightly more guests than you planned. That invaluable extra 5-10% budget can cover those unforeseen expenses. And, if they never happen, you’ll simply have a bonus to your new family budget!

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Pick a wedding date out of peak season if you’re after saving costs

Weddings in Thailand are quite seasonal, due to weather conditions which vary from place to place. For instance, the top wedding season in Phuket lasts from November to March, while Koh Samui is at its best from late December all the way until August. Naturally, prices for accommodation are higher in tourist seasons, and if you’re looking at savings costs, it’s better to pick a wedding date slightly out of these months. If you expect the sunshine or clear sky, do not risks setting your wedding date in September especially if you plan a destination wedding in Phuket. But, picking a date in April or October, which are shoulder periods can be a very good idea if you have a rain contingency plan. It pays to have a backup plan.

Picking a date out of the peak season also means that more great vendors are more likely to be available to you.

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Keep a close eye on weather forecasts

Planning on a destination wedding in a tropical country, we know it’s not ideal having to plan for rain protection, but it is needed. With our team’s expertise as wedding planners in Thailand, we put together a significant number of rain protection structures that only enhanced the event layout. It’s best to check the forecast a couple of weeks before the wedding, and if it does look any dangerous, prepare well.

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Provide your guests with accessible online information

We’ve already spoken about wedding websites earlier this month and will have to say again that it’s an incredibly useful tool. In our age of smartphones and social media, it’s an excellent way to update your guests with all necessary information, from driving instructions to dress-code and your registry.

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If you still think that creating a website is complicated, check ready-made templates available online, or simply create a Facebook group/event.

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Carefully plan timings

Your wedding day is yours to enjoy, so it’s important to plan the timeline so that you don’t get tired too early. Due to the hot weather in Thailand, we always recommend to our couples to start the ceremony at 5 pm, when heat eases off, and the light is soft and golden. That gives enough time for the bride and the groom to have their portraits taken after the ceremony, during sunset. Reception dinner typically starts past sunset, around 7 pm, when the wind gets fresher.

Make sure you’re fresh and had enough sleep the night before. Don’t plan for a very early wake-up call, and start your morning with a delicious, wholesome breakfast to set the mood for the day.

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Pay attention to your shoes

The ceremony, photoshoot, first dance, party — you’re going to spend a lot of time standing and dancing on your wedding day, so make sure you’re comfortable in your shoes. If you plan on wearing high heels, make sure that you have flats as a changing option just in case the need arises. And, don’t forget to prepare transparent heel stoppers as this is an essential helper for outdoor weddings.

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Relax and unwind

Wedding preparations require a huge amount of energy and concentration from the couple, and it might be hard to let go of these things when the day finally arrives. Do your best to relax and enjoy the best, don’t think about any organizational details, and enjoy every moment instead. Your wedding planner is always there to solve any problems and take care of the backstage, so pop that champagne open and celebrate!

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