Joy and Joel

How do you describe true love? Warm, simple, authentic? Generous, selfless, caring? Fun, exciting, breathtaking? All that and so much more can easily describe Joy and Joel, and the amazing love they share. When it comes to weddings, we always try to make sure that the day reflects the story of the couple, their personalities, and their soul. For Joy and Joel, that meant it needs to be clean but passionate, with lots of significant details.

For their wedding in Thailand, we decided to go for a bohemian chic — a style quite unique for tropical weddings these days, and working perfectly to match Joy and Joel’s easy-going and romantic nature. The villa chosen for the wedding benefited from an excellent cliff-seated terrace, spacious enough to host a small party, with gorgeous ocean views and lush greenery all around. With such a beautiful location in our hands, we only needed to enhance the already existing natural look by adding a few light touches. Instead of arranging a traditional seating for guests, the couple decided to make it truly hearty, so the ceremony became a casual standing gathering.  As a courtesy to their family traditions, Joy worn a golden crown presented by the groom’s grandmother.



In accordance with the boho theme, Joy and Joel exchanged their vows under a set of beautiful handmade dreamcatchers. Their intricate netting and delicate lace frame were adorned with crimson red flower accents and natural greenery, creating an overall organic look.


As always, the sunset was the time for all gathered to enjoy the best picture light of the day, and delight themselves with a delicious glass of champagne carefully poured by our newlyweds.

For The Wedding Bliss team, it means the time to make our finishing touches to the dining tables on the upper floor of the villa.


Reception dinner took place at an upper-level open-space area. Crimson red and silky cream roses continued to play the main part in floral decor, while the romantic atmosphere was further enhanced by casually arranged lightbulbs. Lemongrass stems tied to the hand-dyed napkins provided a nice little touch of Thailand to the tables.



Every wedding has its own special moment to remember and looking back at Joy and Joel’s wedding night full of laughter, heartfelt speeches, and dancing, we can genuinely say that it is the night everyone present will remember forever.





Planning and Styling: The Wedding Bliss Thailand
Photography: Madiow Photography
MUAH: Neil Donkin

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