Ultimate Garden Wedding Setup in Thailand

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of “Wedding in Thailand”? Beach ceremony? The White canopy on the sand? Orchids as the main flower? Naturally, Thailand can easily provide all of that, but the question is, in search of a unique wedding, is this typical arrangement really something you want to do? We always support creativity, new ideas, and unconventional solutions. So today, we want to share one of our recent projects, an Ultimate Garden Wedding Party for a couple of young creatives from Shanghai.

Working to combine Bohemian Garden with Luxurious Tropics, we eventually creating some separate zones, each of them of great significance. Luckily, the Naka Hotel, where the wedding took place, provided us with a wide space, a gorgeous grass lawn facing the sea, so we could play with space.


As guests gathered for the ceremony, they found themselves among the eclectic mix of bohemian sofas, garden benches, and elaborate dining chairs; put together they created a truly one-of-a-kind look, and artistic color palette. We had a lot of fun finding and combining the pieces, imagine how cool it was for guests to pick their seats.

The newlyweds tied the knot under a floral arch, with lush green base and purplish-pink accents. Sunlit, it looked especially naturally beautiful.



As the bride and groom were enjoying their portrait session after the ceremony, the guests were busy with some activity corners. Loving wishes to the couple were to be written on little stones, while the guests could also write out postcards for themselves, and put it into the mailbox. What a nice way to remember the special day! For those who love taking photos, and particularly enjoy selfies, there was a Bohemia wallpaper backdrop with a comfy day-bed and a playful garden swing.



No, to the gem of this wedding: a spacious, transparent canopy with decorative lights and hanging greenery garlands. Light and airy during the day, it became magical and cozy at night, bringing everyone together for a delicious meal. Summer weddings in Thailand are not rain-safe, so this was not only a decorative solution but also a great way to combine a gorgeous look with functionality.

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The table setting was kept simple, with grass runner along with the tables, and naturally looking little flowers on top. The food display zone was not left to chance either, and all menus were hand-written by our talented designer on huge tropical leaves.





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