Justine and Matt

Today we’re about to show you something more than just a wedding. A day of celebration, dancing, and romance is something very natural for a wedding, but what would you say if there was an element of adventure there?

Both Justine and Matt described themselves first and foremost as adventure seekers, and that is when we knew their wedding would have to be special. Even their proposal story, which, in fact, embodies two proposals, one from each of them, proved that they were in no way traditionalists, and the wedding was going to be so much fun!

We carefully planned a fun and beautiful wedding day for this playful couple, but they just could not settle for one day of partying with friends and family. Instead, they went further and decided to arrange a WEEK full of activities and adventure games.

A week-long cross-country track in Thailand! It might sound crazy to do this before the wedding, but just watch this video, and you’ll want to experience it yourself right now!

For the wedding day, we planned for a short but meaningful ceremony with gorgeous ocean views. Justine and Matt then went for a brief sunset portrait session, and later returned greeted by their family and friends for a lively reception and crazy afterparty.

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That week was a time to remember for all their guests who flew all the way to Thailand to join them as they celebrate their union. Justine and Matt brought an unforgettable experience not only for themselves, but to share it with everyone they love, and it is something special.









Photo courtesy of: Madiow Photography

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