Ideas To Ensure Your Successful Wedding Reception

If you ask us what the most important part of the wedding day is, our answer will most definitely be the reception. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE ceremonies and vow exchanges, and cry most of the time seeing our couples tying the knot; yet there’s something very special about receptions. It’s a time for bonding for everyone gathered for the celebration, for heartfelt speeches and special words, for the first dance, and for that delicious piece of wedding cake! Planning weddings, we always pay close attention to the arrangement of reception space and activities, and over the years figured out there’re a few things that will help you turn your wedding reception into a 100% success.

Inviting Atmosphere

To make sure all your guests enjoy the reception, think about their first impression when they enter. Will they be greeted by someone? Will there be an area to rest? Will those who are already hungry get something to bite on? Prepare something that will make them feel welcomed. A nice, custom-made cocktail, live music, escort card display with their names; these things always draw attention and show that you care about your guests.

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Interactive Space

Food and drinks can keep people busy, indeed, but it’s great to have some other activities for your guests to engage with. Lawn games are a great decision for a cocktail hour: giant Jenga, ring toss, or maybe even croquet?

Photobooths are another great way to keep guests entertained. Everybody loves photos, right? Especially with funny props, and instant printing! With personalized prints, this can also be a great memory to take back home.

And finally, think outside the box when planning on your guest book. Instead of gathering everyone around one little book, place wishing cards on their dining tables. These can be custom made, and have questions already printed in them encouraging people to get creative with their answers. Ask them for date night ideas, holiday destinations, marriage advice, and other things that will make your bond as husband and wife stronger with an exciting twist. There’re so many options; besides, you’ll have fun yourselves coming up with these questions!

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Decorative Focus Point

Naturally, decor needs to be placed on guests’ tables and head tables, but the entrance should not be overlooked too. It’s a great idea to create one decorative focus that’s going to set the mood and tone for the whole evening. This can be achieved by through ceiling decoration, draping, and nice atmospheric lights. You can also think of creating some kind of a gallery wall with your engagement photos or ask your guests to fill it in with their Polaroid photos of the day.

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Late-night bites for the afterparty

Always remember: people love snacks! No exceptions here, we all do, and weddings are one of these special events that mute the still small voice telling us not to eat late at night. Get naughty and ask your catering team to prepare some guilty pleasures later in the evening: pizza slices, hot dogs, fried cheese, sweet mini-bites. The list is endless! You can always go with healthy options, of course, but weddings do not happen every day, so, get crazy!

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We hope some of the things were useful for you, and your wedding reception will be a true success! We are always ready to help you with your wedding planning in Thailand or overseas, just drop us a note!


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