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With the main focus on the bride, it’s often so easy to overlook the groom’s fashion. However, thinking of it as a standard, or simply throwing together an evening attire is probably a wrong attitude — after all, it’s his special day too. Options for groom’s outfit are in fact endless and depending on your wedding style and location, you can be able to play with fabrics, colors, and cuts. Today, we decided to share our view on favorite looks and ideas, and maybe you could use one or two for your upcoming wedding.

First of all, classics are always in trend. If you decide to rock a classic black tuxedo, make sure to incorporate some interesting details. Silk collar or edge trimming textured bow tie paired with a neat, trendy hairstyle.


Another great alternative to black is blue, which looks classy, yet adds its fresh, crisp look. Paired perfectly with both light pastel and more bold tones, it can be an amazingly stylish option for weddings of all styles.


It’s paramount to stick to his personal aesthetics as well, and accessories can help with that. His favorite pair of glasses paired with a classy, nice watch, and personalized cufflinks. This can also be a chance for a bride to make a nice present for her husband-to-be and surprise him with a nice accessory present on the morning of the wedding.


Making a critical decision in what the groom should wear, especially if you’re thinking of a destination wedding in a tropical country like Thailand requires significant consideration. Instead of wearing a full tuxedo, look for an outfit made with lighter fabrics such as linen, silk, or cotton. A 2-piece suit with a slim waistcoat or blazer is a finer option than a 3-piece suit. A bow tie and creative boutonnieres can help enhance the groom’s look.


If you’re a vintage fan or planning on a rustic wedding, you’ll have multiple options, as it’s one of the major trends nowadays. Think of tweed suits, woolen waistcoats, suspenders, and darker, bolder colors.


Whatever groom style you’re planning for your wedding day, don’t forget the main rule: the outfit has to be comfortable, and it should feel real to yourself. It’s worth thinking it through a little more for such a special occasion.


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