Tarika and Nick

Tarika and Nick will always stay in our memory and our hearts as one of the most loving, dedicated, and warm-hearted couples. Their love story proves that love is not just a fairy tale, it’s also a committed work of two people wanting to be together.



With their professional medical background, both Tarika and Nick are very hard-working, and their devotion to their careers also led them to the long-distance relationship for almost two years, which nonetheless proved their bond to be even stronger and more affectionate.



Their love story started from Tarika’s mom match-making, and then grew into something very special. Sharing many interests together, Tarika and Nick say that their connection is, in fact, much deeper and can hardly be expressed in terms of mutual interests or activities, but more as an affinity of souls. They’re both romantic and adventurous, but Nick is more of a dreamer while Tarika is very realistic, and they complement each other perfectly.


They wanted their Thailand wedding to be a very non-traditional, laid-back celebration with only the closest people around. With guests coming from California, where the couple lives, and Thailand, which is the bride’s home country, we needed to make sure everybody is at ease and was truly themselves. They were welcomed by a playful guestbook, which in fact was represented by Jenga game, where guests would need to leave their wishes on the wooden blocks, for the bride and groom to remember it every time they would set to play. The ceremony was very personal and emotional, with Tarika walking down the aisle together with her beloved grandmother, and Nick’s father marrying them with gorgeous ocean views in the background.



The ceremony was then followed by cocktails, with Thai-inspired canapes and a self-serving liquor bar set beautifully on a stylish serving cart.


When it came to decoration, the bride had her mind set on modern and clean, yet romantic design. As a result, we combined beautiful orchids of white and pastel pink colors with geometrical shapes of altar stands. Golden chairs and softly-curling sashes smoothed the setting and added a subtle luxurious touch.



A combination of white and pink flowers in elegant glass vases, with golden tableware and modern-designed charger plates, made dinner setting romantic and outstanding as well.


Cake cutting, touching first dance with fireworks setting off in the background, and sparklers made a perfect finale to this beautiful night.




Planning and Styling: The Wedding Bliss Thailand

Photography: Liam Collard Photography


Cake: Point Yamu by COMO

Catering: Blue Elephant Phuket

Phuket Restaurant

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