Boudoir Session: Why It Is A Must

Girls love photo shoots — this has never been a secret. What’s most important is that every girl, in fact, has her dream shoot, the one that will tell her actual story, the one that will show her true self, the one that will help her to release her inner actress.


It is of particular importance for a future bride-to-be, as the pictures of the wedding preparation will be evoking the happy memories. Besides, done in advance, these shots can be a great addition to a wedding present for your husband-to-be: no man wouldn’t be happy receiving beautiful sensuous images of his future wife as he’s getting ready to meet you at the altar.


Since we don’t get to actually plan boudoir sessions often (as it’s usually a photographer improvisation on the day), we could not miss this opportunity when we planned “A Touch of Fashion” workshop with Sandra Aberg. Instead of going for traditional soft bedroom images, we took an offbeat pass and fascinating spa scene. With the help of the wonderful team from Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa and their amazing Quan Spa we created a tropical lux splash atmosphere. As our model stepped into the pool wearing a traditional Thai outfit, the vision immediately came to life: princess bride was treated to a private session using organic Thai ingredients.


The spa itself is worth a special mentioning. Spas in Thailand are of particular importance, as they hardly can be beaten by any other region in the world due to a number of signature treatments, like Thai massage and specific aromatherapy, and famous Thai hospitality. Besides, pleasant Thai climate nurtures incredibly good organic products that are perfectly fitted to be spa ingredients. For our photo shoot, therapists used fresh Thai coconut and banana. With their antioxidants and moisturizing oils, these products are a perfect and aromatic way for a pre-wedding pampering. After gentle scrub and massage, the skin is intensely hydrated and glowing, and our bride was shining with this ultimate relaxation.


A sensual waterfall photo-shoot followed these serene pictures: an amazing way to capture a strong, wild and feminine character. Indulging spa session is always a great idea before the wedding, so why not combine it with a portion of gorgeous images sometimes?


If you’re still in doubt about boudoir shoot, don’t be! First and foremost, do it for yourself, to feel more confident and sexy before your wedding day. If you missed doing it for the wedding, do it for an anniversary, birthday or simply anytime to treat yourself to some very good time and gorgeous images, and allow your boyfriend / fiance / husband to look at you with a fresh wave of affection.





Photography: Sandra Aberg (

WORKSHOP: A Touch of Fashion with Sandra Åberg & The Wedding Bliss Thailand

Stylists and planners: The Wedding Bliss Thailand

Flowers: I AM FLOWER (


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