A Touch of Fashion with Sandra Åberg & The Wedding Bliss Thailand

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

“Once upon a time there lived a man who was traveling the world searching for his one and only love. Many roads, many cities, but it wasn’t until he reached a small island that he found his true soul mate in nobody else, but a tropical princess…” This could be a beginning of a fairytale story that was inspiring us along the way of planning this styled shoot with Sandra Åberg.

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Hosting a photography workshop in Thailand has been our long-lasting dream ever since we first got to work with Sandra. A co-host of famous European “Moda e Arte” workshop, she showed us that this can be a new big step for us and a great opportunity to express ourselves as artists.

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As our first experience in the field, we first aimed for a 1-day event with exceptional styling. However, as we brainstormed ideas, and went hunting for locations, our inspiration got so strong, we couldn’t but extend it into 2 days telling yet same developing love story.

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The first day was inspired by traditional Thai culture and a legendary story of Pocahontas. We called it a “Jungle Flirt”. The story unfolded in the lush sunlit jungles with a portrait session for our passionate couple. Engaged under the tropical trees, they made their way to the beach for more photos under the golden sunbeams.

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Renaissance Resort & SPA Phuket, that has already been our valued partners for years, turned out to be a perfect location with its numerous hidden corners and natural landscapes.  Their 5-star locale and impeccable service allowed us to create a scene that we could only dream of.

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Incorporating exotic Thai flowers, we managed to create a sophisticated styling, worthy of our princess bride. A thorough search led us to the florals that are rarely used for wedding styling at all, and could hardly be found outside of tropics at all. Gold, as a symbol of luck, prosperity and happiness in Thailand, played the lead and was especially remarkable on the bridal dress, — a creation of a young talented designer from Bangkok, Glam Gold Label. The look was gorgeously complemented with a designer headpiece, a courtesy of amazing Jannie Baltzer from Copenhagen.  

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Food was also given the utmost attention to. Firstly, because it plays an extremely important role in Thai culture, and secondly, because we simply couldn’t miss showcasing the best of what a destination wedding can give. Fresh seafood and live grilled station, freshly made cocktails, exquisite appetizers… But the gem of the day was the fruit corner. A burst of color and flavor, this station attracted attention to anyone who passed by. Isn’t it a brilliant way to substitute an omnipresent wedding cake for this pile of goodness?

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The styling of the dining table also wasn’t left to chance. Natural elements, such as wood, ceramics, exotic flowers played very well together creating a harmonious setting.  To make it even more magical, we came up with the idea of a fairy-light canopy around the table. Like little fireflies, the lights around created a truly magical atmosphere. We aimed for a close-knit structure to make it look complete without any additional elements, and with the help of amazing Renaissance team, we are happy to say we achieved it.

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Photography: Sandra Aberg (http://www.sandraaberg.com/)

WORKSHOP: “A Touch of Fashion” with Sandra Åberg & The Wedding Bliss Thailand

Venue/Lighting/Food Display: Renaissance Phuket Resort and SPA (http://www.renaissancephuket.com)

Stylists and planners: The Wedding Bliss Thailand

Flowers: I AM FLOWER (http://www.iamflower.co/)

SPA: QUAN SPA (http://www.quanspa.com/spa/hotels/hotel-information/travel/hktbr-renaissance-phuket-resort-and-spa/)

Dress: Glam Gold Label Bangkok (http://glamgoldlabel.wix.com/home)

Headpieces: Jannie Baltzer (http://janniebaltzer.com/)

Makeup and hairstyle: Top Make up Artist Phuket (http://topmakeupphuket.com/)


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