Why a Wedding Video is Necessary

Should you hire a videographer for your wedding?

A question that mostly gets placed on the backburner of wedding decisions. While hiring a photographer is a definite must, videographers are mostly never a priority.

However, in today’s ever-growing tech-savvy society, this is quickly starting to change. According to research conducted by The Wedding and Event Videographers Association, 98% of couples recommend that future brides hire a videographer. Even couples who didn’t have a video of their wedding highly recommend it, about 63% of respondents from the study say so.

If you’re still wary of hiring a professional videographer for your special day, then these six reasons to hire one might just change your mind.

Reasons to Hire a Videographer

  • To Capture Memories (and Emotions)

Yes, while a photograph does document precious moments of your special day, it doesn’t quite capture the general mood and most importantly, the emotions of your friends and family, and of course, that of you and your partner.

Can you capture the fleeting smile of a grandpa who had just woken up from a quick nap during the reception? Or how your 3-year-old ring bearer asked you for a dance? Moments like these are hard to capture, but so much easier with a video camera that captures the smallest details that a camera can’t get.

  • For Keeps (Something to have for years to come)

While you won’t be watching your wedding day video every single day for the rest of your life, it’s always good to know that you can relive those moments anytime you wish.

  • A Time Capsule

Five years from now, or even 30 years from now, a wedding video can show you memories that you simply may not be able to recall. You can browse at how you moved, how you and your spouse looked into each other’s eyes, or maybe how your wedding gown moved and sparkled at every angle.

You can travel back in time and relive one of the most unforgettable days of your lives, and feel the emotions you felt that very day.

  • Be in Multiple Places at Once

It takes months or even years to prepare for the perfect wedding. How can you see how your dessert buffet looked like, or how your spouse dressed up in his hotel room, or how your flower girls played outside the church, or how your friends patiently waited for you at the cocktail bar?

You can see all of these moments that occurred at one time without actually being there. Those months or years of preparation will be in the video for you to see, giving you the satisfaction of all of your hard work and meticulous planning.

  • Share with Family and Friends

If you have family and friends who couldn’t attend the wedding, a beautifully edited wedding video can make them feel like they were there. It’s a great thing to know that an aunt who can’t travel or a friend who’s thousands of miles away can feel the outbursts of the love of your wedding day despite not being physically present at your wedding.

  • You Will Regret if If You Don’t

While pictures and memories can give you memories, photographs can’t capture the general mood of your wedding. Only a video can relive the music, the laughter, the tantrums, the movement of flowers, or the movement of your wedding gown, or the beautiful drops of sweat on your forehead as you strategically maneuver your way out of your bridal car.

If you don’t have a videographer, all of these details and memories will be lost and forgotten.

When you’ve finally made the decision to hire one, here are tips for finding the best fit for your wedding.


What you Should Look for When Hiring a Wedding Videographer

  • Professional Expertise

Make sure you hire someone who has the proper equipment, the skill, and the expertise to create a beautiful and professional wedding video done. You can look at the individual or company’s years of operation, as well as online and actual reviews of past clients.

  • Find Their Most Recent Projects

You can simply take a look at the company’s website to view their current projects and see for yourself if their style matches what you’re looking for.

  • Get Several Quotes

To get the most value for your buck, try to get at least three different quotations from 3 different suppliers who have the same experience and expertise.

  • Personality Matters

Set up a meeting with these three companies or individuals separately, and gauge the best personality that fits your needs.

  • Communicate your Ideas

Search for other videos online or videos of friends who recently got married. Or cut out images from magazines – collect the general mood of the video you want to be produced and send your ideas to your potential videographer. If you need to have certain shots done, then communicate these details.

  • Get What You Pay For

If you have the money, then go all-out and hire the most experienced and the most recommended videographer in your area. If you’re on a budget, then you must choose a videographer who asks for a fair price but also delivers quality work. You can find them in directories, but also from referrals.

Ask your friends who recently got married or anyone who can recommend a quality videographer but without costing an arm or a leg. Watch out for anyone who tells you that you can get your video in just a couple of days – a quality wedding video takes about 4 to 8 weeks of proper editing.

A wedding video is more than just an emerging trend for weddings – it’s an important part of your special day that can capture moments and emotions that even you may have missed. Get to relive, reminisce, and truly enjoy your special day, even when it’s 5 or 30 years from today.

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