Fun, Enjoyable, and Yummy Corners for a Wedding Party

Add more fun and quirk to your wedding reception by creating yummy corners that will give you and your guests more avenues for scrumptious treats and interaction. Don’t know where to start?

Here are six fun and delectable eats for your wedding party that will surely delight everyone in the room:

  1. Cake & Pastry Corner


Any party for that matter is never complete without dessert. Create a cake and pastry corner to bring out the child in each of your guests. You can place any sweet treat you like, from macaroons to cake pops, to cupcakes, and even sweet and fruity tarts.

You can choose a theme such as pastries all in black or white, or pastel colored cakes and pastries for that decadent and classic display. Another very good idea? Match the color of your pastries to the color of your wedding theme.

  1. Fruit Corner


Who said fruits should only be served on the beach? Create a fruit corner to serve as appetizers or as a fruity treat to wash down meats and oily food items.

A fantastic idea would be to arrange crates and place whole fruits to make your fruit corner look like a farmer’s market stand. Or you can place small fruits in one big tray. Choose grapes, or blueberries, slices of kiwi or pineapple, and make it easier for your guests to pick only a small fruit or two as they’re taking a break from dancing, or chatting with other guests.

  1. Ice Cream Cart


A yummy corner that both kids and adults will surely love, an ice cream cart is sure to be a hit at your wedding party. You can place an ice cream cart and a table side by side, where you can place cookies to make ice cream sandwiches, cones, or even cups to make sundaes. Place some jars of toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and nuts. You can also put whipped cream, cherries, and cookie sticks for a complete yummy sundae.

  1. Make Your Own Grilled Cheese


Who said comfort food doesn’t have a place for weddings? Create a Make-Your-Own Grilled Cheese corner for your wedding party and have your guests nibble on their sandwiches as they chat away with family and friends.

To make your grilled cheese corner, prepare the following: white bread, cheese that quickly melts such as mozzarella, cheddar, Fontina, and Gruyere; toppings such as sliced tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber, olives, capers, greens, and ham; thongs; and a skillet or two.

  1. Choose-Your-Flavor Margarita Bar


Margaritas are fantastic cocktails for your guests. You can create a make-your-own margarita by preparing the following: a cocktail shaker, margarita glass, tequila, flavored syrup, lime, and salt. Having your guests make their own margarita flavors can make for the best way to create their preferred flavors. However, this idea is only ideal for small weddings.

For larger weddings, a serve-it-yourself idea is much more fitting. Have different flavors of juices mixed with tequila ready and placed in glass dispensers. Put them on a table, place margarita glasses with salt and lime on the rim, and have your guests serve themselves the flavor of their choice.

  1. S’mores Bar


Everybody loves S’mores, this super famous treat that’s gone beyond the world of campfires. You can place the ingredients on a table, which are: graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars, and have your guests skewer them on sticks and grilled over a tabletop grill. Or, a fantastic idea would be to give out S’mores starter kits: boxes that contain the ingredients of the popular snack, as well as a bbq stick and paper towels.

Add a little bit of fun to a formal event. Your wedding shouldn’t be all stuffy and serious – create these super cool ideas for your wedding and witness your family and guests enjoy more delicious food while enjoying each others’ company.

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