10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Wedding or Honeymoon in a Private Villa

Destination weddings offer an experience unlike any other. You get to leave all of your problems and stresses behind and just enjoy the company of family and friends in stunning places. A favorite choice for many couples today is holding the wedding at a private villa which offers unforgettable experiences that no hotel can ever provide.

Here are ten reasons why you should have your wedding in a private villa:

  1. Privacy and Exclusivity

Only a secluded private villa can give you absolute privacy and exclusivity. Because you’re renting an entire property, no other guests or outsiders are present – it’s just you and your group of family and friends.

Many private villas have their private beaches, giving you a slice of paradise all to yourself. Have your wedding ceremony on the beach without outside onlookers or people swimming in the waters. So you get to enjoy your special day with zero unwarranted attention from strangers.

  1. Breathtaking Views

Private villas often feature breathtaking views of the ocean, the beach, or of mountains. Villas offer plenty of romantic locations for your wedding day: want to have a sunset wedding ceremony? Or maybe a garden reception? Stunning beaches, unique coves, breathtaking cliffs, or a vast blue ocean are only some of the picture-perfect locations on offer by private estates, which make for absolutely fantastic photo opportunities.


  1. Ceremony, Reception, and Honeymoon in One Place

Can you imagine driving from a church where your wedding ceremony is done to your reception venue in a span of 2 hours? And take note, the honeymoon is another thing.

Private villas offer one place for all celebrations including your honeymoon. You won’t have to rent cars, nor do you have to worry about getting to a particular location on time.


  1. The Perfect Guest List

Guest lists for weddings are tricky because you don’t want to disappoint or hurt someone’s feelings by not inviting them. It could be an old childhood friend or a coworker – when you don’t invite them to one of the most special days of your life, then it’s a given that they’ll feel left out.

Wedding destinations such as Phuket allow you to control and restrict your guest list to the people who are the most important to you but without hurting your colleagues and distant friends. And when you have your wedding at a villa, your guest list can even get even smaller and more intimate.


  1. Personalized Delicious Cuisines

You don’t have to choose from a set menu provided by a hotel – when you rent a villa, a private chef or caterer can attend to your every dining wish. Are you allergic to shrimps? Or maybe you have a strict low carb diet? You can have your menu customized to meet your every culinary need in a private villa.

  1. No Pre-Wedding Stress

Many on-site Wedding Planners can do all the dirty work for you. All you have to do is enjoy your special day with special people with zero-stress.



  1. Wedding Day is More than Just One Day

When you have your wedding at a hotel, you’ll only get to celebrate your wedding on the day itself. Being in a private villa allows you and your family to spend more time together in one place. You can enjoy a day out on a private beach the day before your wedding, and then celebrate your union the next day, and enjoy sightseeing tours the next day – giving you and your guests an amazing holiday enjoyed in each other’s company.

  1. Ultimate Night Party

If you want to have an all-night family disco or a band playing until the wee hours of the morning, then you can easily do so in a villa. Since you are not restricted to a strict timetable that hotels impose, you can enjoy the entire night without worrying if you exceeded the time paid for the grand ballroom or function hall.



  1. The Best Accommodation

Private villas offer accommodation and services that can rival 5-star hotels. You get to enjoy everything that an exclusive hotel can provide, but the staff and the property are all yours with no strangers to sharing it with.

  1. Great Value

Private villas are a more economical choice when it comes to choosing the venue for your destination wedding. It gives you everything that you can expect: impeccable accommodation, breathtaking views and locations, private staff, and property that’s all yours.

For your wedding, a private villa ceremony, reception, and honeymoon can be possibly done in just one place. Enjoy absolute privacy amidst spectacular views and surroundings, and be in the company of the people who matter the most – there’s simply no other way to enjoy a private and intimate wedding celebration.



Image sources: Sandra Aberg (http://love.sandraaberg.com/villaocean11/) + Laura Sponaugle (http://laurasponaugle.pixieset.com/oceans11villa/)

Wedding Photoshoot venue at Villa Ocean’s 11, one of The Luxury Signature’s finest collection of villas in Phuket.

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