How to Come Up With The Best Wedding Hashtag Ever?

One of the interesting wedding trends in 2016 is the use of hashtags. According to the Social Wedding Survey, more than fifty percent of all weddings taking place have hashtags. To ensure a trendy hashtag, however, make sure it is unique to your wedding, easy to remember, and one that encourages people to use and share. If you are planning a wedding, here are a few tips on how to come up with the best wedding hashtag ever.

Name Game

Name Game

Bring out the wordsmith in you, and generate the perfect wedding hashtag. Play around with your names, for instance, you can use the first, middle, or last name. Your initials or the nicknames that your friends used to jest you with back in the days could also prove a catchy hashtag. If your finance and you have pet names for each other, this might just be the right time to reveal it to the world. Try coming up with a cutesy and catchy mashup phrase that friends and guests at your wedding can easily recall and use.

Make it Punny, play with idioms

Make It Punny

You want your wedding to be fun and memorable. What better way to start off than by using a little idiom play to give it a ‘Punny’ and an equally complementing hashtag. Get creative and look for fun, lighthearted, yet witty and memorable idioms, guaranteed to make the wedding delightful. For instance, you could use a funny expression that complements your middle name. Visiting an idiom website or looking up for phrases in the dictionary might prove useful.

Remember to use Alliteration


If you are stuck on how to come up with the best wedding hashtag ever, consider the use of alliterations. Alliterations offer fantastic ways of coming up with good hashtags. You could try combining your names with suitable synonyms. Good examples could include #BridalBabes #MagicalMarriage, and so on. The idea is to come up with phrases that are not only fun and memorable but ones that you and your spouse cherish.

Time to Rhyme

Time To Rhyme

While alliterations make the hashtags easy to remember, rhymes make the phrases resound in people’s heads. Look for words that rhyme with your names or the wedding theme. For example, if your name is Mitchel and your spouse is Katie, an appropriate hashtag could be the #KatieAndMitchHitch. If you are called Gertrude and your spouse is Edward, wordings like #GetGetsEd or #RudeWedsEd might prove smart hashtag choices. What about #ScotTiesTheKnot for Scots wedding. You catch the drift.



Many couples come up with amazingly unique hashtags only to present them in a manner that causes embarrassment. The names used might convey a different meaning when combined. To avoid such wedding hashtag bloopers, consider capitalizing each word. Doing so eliminates the chances of people misreading or misunderstanding your intention. Besides, it helps to clarify your intended pun or joke. However, when your guests share the hashtag, they do not need to capitalize each word. As a safe measure, after coming up with a favorite hashtag let a few trusted friends examine it before you commit it entirely to your bridal preparations.

Simplicity is beauty


Whoever said ‘Simplicity is the key to sophistication’ could never have put it more candidly. The easiest way on how to come up with the best wedding hashtag ever is to look for a simple one. You can use your names and the year of your wedding to set the hashtag. For instance #TomAndMary2016.The simpler the tag, the easier it is for people to remember. Moreover, it even becomes easy to locate your wedding images and photos uploaded on Instagram by your friends and loved ones at the wedding.



A wise man once said ‘There is no monopoly of knowledge.’ With that thought in mind, appreciate that even though you took the time to come up with a unique wedding hashtag, there is the likelihood that a similar tag already exists. To ensure that your tag is pristine, conduct a search to verify if someone has used ‘Your hashtag’ before. In case it exists, consider tweaking your hashtag to distinguish it from the existing ones. It will prevent your photos from showing up in someone else’s wedding collection or theirs showing up in yours.

Spread The Word

Spread The Word

It is counterproductive to come up with a unique and functional hashtag and not inform people about it. Get the word out there. Inform everyone and anyone you think ought to know of the hashtag. Share with your bridal party, post it in the church venue, include it on your wedding website, and save it on your Save-the-date. If you so wish, you can incorporate it in the menu or scatter beautiful reminders all over the bridal event.


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