Destination Wedding vs. Traditional Wedding: What You Should Know

Falling in love, getting engaged and planning the wedding can fling you around in a whirlwind of excitement and leave you feeling a bit bedraggled on the other side of the storm. Amongst the many significant decisions, a newly engaged couple will have to make deciding whether or not they would like to have a traditional wedding or a destination wedding. While both possess a lot of pros and cons, you can be sure that whatever choice you make will have you married to the amazing spouse of your dreams.

So what’s the difference?


Traditional Wedding Pros:

More Planning Time

A Traditional Wedding involves plenty of time to plan so the couple can put lots of it on details from the kinds of flowers to be used down to the table runners of the reception.

Everyone Comes

You book a venue somewhere local, so that all of your extended family, relatives, friends and coworkers can join you on your happy day. You not only share this special moment of your life with everybody, but you get to see everyone you love at one time which might not happen very often.


Celebrating your special day is significantly more fun with your family, relatives and friends around.   

More Gifts

One of the best things about having a traditional wedding is the fact that you are going to receive gifts. It may sound a bit crass to say so but in reality, it is one factor why couples choose a larger guest list in the first place. If you and your partner already have the essential homey touches, one of the smartest things to do is to send out a polite request for money instead of gifts. Doing this can help to offset the bill for the entire wedding.


Traditional Wedding Cons:

Higher Cost

More people on your wedding day, means additional headcount price for the reception, getting the larger variety of menu items, cocktail stations, wedding favors and more. You probably get a bigger entourage that leads to buying new dresses, shoes, and accessories to wear. Not to mention, the Honeymoon Travel budget as a different cost apart from all the grand preparations.


Although having every single person that you’ve ever loved there to witness your union is ideal for most couples, planning it out can bring on a lot more stress for the bride and groom because it often takes extra work. Taking care of travel arrangements and accommodations for your family and relatives can also be stressful at one point.


Destination Wedding Pros:

Cost Worthy

A Destination Wedding is usually the cheaper option between the two, as far as total wedding cost goes. Traveling to get married across the world may sound a little over exuberant and expensive, but when all the factors are considered you may find that it is much more practical than attempting to schedule every last detail of your traditional wedding. When a couple decides to travel for their wedding, they often choose their honeymoon destination. Which effectively takes care of two big wedding expenses at the same time, eliminating the need to pay for a vacation after you’ve spent a ton of money on the actual ceremony and reception. You would still need to factor in the costs of your wedding dress and suits as well as passports, plane tickets and a few other odds and ends. There will be fewer people invited to this wedding style which saves you having to pay for excessive amounts of food, larger venues and all of the alcohol consumed at the open bar. It also allows for a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Travel Opportunity for your guests

What is more fun than giving your guests the best time of their lives in a place where they can just relax, be themselves, explore and celebrate with you on your special day?


Many wedding coordinators that specialize in destination weddings offer packages that take much of the decision-making out of the picture and take care of all your wedding preparation needs so all you have to do is get off from your plane and sign the papers.

It’s Your Call

A Destination Wedding feel is more relaxed compared to a formal Traditional Wedding set-up. You can keep it simple while still giving your call to customize, be yourself and add a touch of a theme to the party. It is up to you.

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Destination Wedding Cons:

No gifts

It would be insensitive to expect anything of the sort after you ask your guests to spend on traveling with you.

Guests Unable to Attend

Apparently, not everyone dear to you will be able to witness your wedding due to time, financial and sometimes health reasons.


Admit it, planning a wedding in an unfamiliar place can be quite challenging, time consuming and stressful. Therefore, we highly advise you to get a wedding planner, who knows the area, and will be able to assist you with any questions you may have along the process, hand-pick the best vendors, and make sure everything is in order.

Honeymoon Exclusivity

Another downside is that you may have to swap hotels after your wedding. Otherwise, you may find yourself running into your guests all over the place, which can take away from the romantic honeymoon vibe. Who wants to see their mother-in-law when they’re on their honeymoon, right?

Planning your wedding is full of tough decisions, but so is life. As long as you know that you’ll be married to the one made for you at the end of it all, it shouldn’t matter too much where you’re at or who is watching. Standing next to the person you trust more than anything in the universe and hearing them tell you they will love you forever, that’s what will hold you steady in the storm.




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