Best Wedding Trends To Look For in 2016

Whether you are a wedding planner, a wedding photographer, a wedding stylists, or someone who plays a part in the wedding industry, or even those aspiring to get married, note that 2016 is a promising year full of freshness, vibrancy, and fun! So, to guide you in your wedding planning journey, we prepared some straight up awesome trends for you to look for in 2016.

Nothing short of a Magical Look


This year, we will see wedding couples defying tradition and go for elegant and timeless romantic wedding looks, which complement their tastes and character. Combination of both vintage and modern,  versatile metals like copper and gold, — things like that will be basis for creating a dreamy romantic look. Copper lanterns will dominate outdoor receptions while the glitzy gold will be a great feature in black-tie weddings. Another trend in town is customized weddings where couples try to recreate looks that have sentimental value in details through décor, food, lights and music. The seating arrangement will also shift away from the formal reception conference-like layout to more relaxing and intimate setups.

Dress to Impress


Wedding gown makers will have a busy 2016. Mainly because brides are looking for more exclusive and personalised gowns nowadays, and this can not always be achieved by shopping for a dress in regular dress shops. Tailoring a dress according to your preferences is getting more and more popular, besides, there’s some magic in choosing and putting together all elements of your future dress: fabrics, embellishments, lacy appliqués… Some of the trends include traditional and culturally themed attires, as well as the chic modern designs. Some will be conservative while others will be bold, seductive and daring. Interesting colour solutions, low backs, sheer necklines, off the shoulder sleeves, airy skirts, 3-D floral trappings, detachable skirts, and even suits instead of dress — 2016 is definitely a year to get creative!

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Swoon over Flowers


Flowers will never give in their primary position no matter how decor trends are changing. Couples and wedding planners will be bolder and daring when creating the right flower mix, striking a balance between style and simplicity. A few floral trends to be noticed in 2016 will include “freshly picked” garden flowers looks, tasteful combinations of various flowers in same colour tones, and usage of non-floral elements like herbs, fruits, berries  to the floral arrangements. A neat addition is the introduction of 3-D-Florals, potted trees, blooming branches, ferns, and decorative trees as creative centrepieces.

Wow-Worthy Invites


Wedding stationery gained its primal position in the passed few years, and it’s going to stay that way in 2016, however, with a few twists.

For instance, so popular in 2015 handwritten calligraphy will get a new spin, and become more heartfelt and personal. Combination of different fonts and ink colors will make  invitation suits more outstanding. Touched of gold, copper metallic inks will add luxury vibe since the very first moment your guests will receive their invites.

The demand for custom monograms will also increase as couples will want to create their unique wedding signature stamp that will appear on invitation cards, place cards, decor elements and photo backdrops.

Sweet Endings


Besides the exchanging of the vows between the couples, an anticipated hallmark of the wedding is the cutting of the cake. This year will witness the exit of the fondant and resurgence of the buttercream textured cakes as more brides will prefer the original buttercream finish. Other bridal trends in 2016 include the reintroduction of the partially frosted, or unfrosted ‘Naked’ Cakes dressed with fresh flowers and berries. Last but not least there will be a shift from the familiar vanilla flavors to more decadent palate flavors. Some of these flavors include  salted caramel, lemon, apple spice, chai latte and the white chocolate mousse.

Capturing Love


The raise of film photography recently changed the whole perspective  of wedding photography world. There will be an increased demand for professional looking shots, featuring a mix of film and digital photography. Shots that capture epic moments, and highlights of the big day. Selfie stations will replace conventional photo booth, matching with the fast pace of technology development. Consequently, there will be a widespread use of onsite photo retouching services and use of hashtags. Furthermore aerial photography is likely to make an entry into the wedding scene, using drones to capture breathtaking aerial shots of the reception or dance floor.

It’s Time to Party


Love ballads and romantic songs help to enhance the wedding mood. Besides, they offer a good reason to step on the dance floor. In 2016, couples will not limit themselves to a few entertainment options, like making a choice between having a band or a DJ. Instead, they would include as many options as possible to cater for the various sections of the wedding program. Also, there will be a shift in the choice of music, instead of playing the traditional wedding tunes, the music will strike a balance of retro to contemporary. To complement their theme or tastes some couples might select songs that represent their cultural heritage.

Eat, Drink and be Married


An expected development is the change from the elegant sit-down dinners to settings where the guests are free. Canapés and pass arounds, live cooking stations are making their return to the wedding dining scene. The menu will lean towards heritage, local and ethnic dishes and will include perfect pairing with wines and cocktails.

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