Belinda and Kimihiro

One thing we know about love for sure — it strikes you when you less expected it. Who would think that a work desk in an accounting company is the place to meet the love of your life?! It did happen though for our couple Belinda and Kimi, and this meeting changed their lives forever.

They chose a gorgeous private villa in Phuket for their wedding venue, and it couldn’t get any better! Fantastic views, fresh breeze from the ocean, lush greens around… Quite symbolically, their first date Belinda and Kimi spent in a Thai restaurant!

Since both Belinda and Kimi like earthy, calm tones, the color scheme for the wedding was chosen to meet their preferences. We used pastel flowers with nice touches of greenery and some wooden elements.

A lot of the wedding elements were personalized.  ‘A gallery tree’ was telling Belinda and Kimi’s love story with their photos, a personalized world map indicating places most important for them both, and finally, the cutest cake topper in the world, featuring their absolutely adorable dogs Momo and Machi!

An amazing thing happens when 2 families from different cultures and countries become one. Sometimes not even speaking one language, people understand each other at some emotional subconscious level, — that’s what happened at this wedding too. Kimi’s dad, not knowing a word of English, was so empathetic with all the speeches that night, he thanked each speaker and kept saying how amazing their speech was! Moments like these are the ones that are cherished most in family memory.


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