Wedding Reception Dinner Styling

Wedding decoration is one of the most important things on your big day. There’re many areas that need full attention and careful styling, starting from the welcome area, ceremony site, and cocktail set up, but our most favorite place to decorate is the reception dinner.

First of all, it’s the area where you and your guests will spend most of the time on the wedding day since dinner is the most long-lasting part of the day. Secondly, dinner decoration sets the mood for the whole evening, and if you make this choice carefully, then everyone present will definitely enjoy the atmosphere.

Today we’d like to do a review of our previously done reception dinner set-ups, and tell you a little bit more about various decoration options you can have when planning your destination wedding in Thailand.


Flowers are hands-down the most popular and evident way of decorating a table. Depending on the table layout and seating arrangements you chose, the style of floral centerpieces needs to be adjusted. If you’re looking for creating a very classy, impressive, and chic atmosphere, then tall grand centerpieces can be a good choice. They make a nice focal point on pictures, and the overall look is very luxurious and grand. These can be supported by a number of smaller arrangements around as well.

However, if you’d like to go for a more casual and communication-suggesting mood, lower arrangements work better. In this case, make sure that the flowers you use make a good impression themselves: they should have an outstanding “personality”: a good choice for Thailand is phalaenopsis orchid, or a good number of European flowers, like ranunculus, garden roses (David Austin, Piano, etc), and many others. Choose the ones you love, and you’ll never be wrong.


Lighting is an essential part of a table setting. Various candles, chandeliers, fairy lights, lamps, lanterns… There are so many choices, it’s easy to get lost among them. Candles are one of our most favorite parts of the decoration. They bring in a romantic mood, and warmth to the dinner. Tea lights go with almost any setting, while a choice of either pillar, taper, or floating candles can make a different impact on the styling.

Chandeliers came into a wedding fashion some 2-3 years ago, and since then they hardly give their top position as a lighting trend for weddings. They can come in various shapes, made of metal or crystal, having additional floral decoration or not, still inevitably bringing exclusivity and luxe into the setting.

Fairy lights, light bulbs, lamps, and paper lanterns are all various choices for atmospheric lighting. All of them make setting more cozy and warm, encouraging all present to enjoy and relax.

Colors and Textures

Apart from flowers, color accents can also be brought in with textiles you use for the wedding. Table linen, table runners, napkins are very important elements of table decor as well and need close attention.

Not only is it possible to play with colors in this case, but it also enriches the setting with individual textures. Silk or satin napkins will make the table look noble, casually placed ragged table runner will be a good addition to a rustic or shabby chic style. Don’t be afraid to play here!


Table decoration is not always about flowers. Some props and gimmicks can be a huge help if you want to personalize your wedding and create something unconventional. Books, seashells, photo frames, fresh fruits… You can add charger plates for a more chic look, and experiment with vases shapes.

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  • Adam Wilson
    December 29, 2015 at 10:26 pm  - Reply

    Nice effective ideas and all the images look beautiful. For a recent event, we had used custom “Don’t Take My Drink” coasters and Always &
    forever custom wall decal from for ceremony and reception. They can also be customized with names and date.

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